Pixi Beauty Spring Look Event

I'm guessing no one will remember my post about Pixi's shop and how I raved about them, but lucky for me I attended their event last week with a talk from the very talented Amanda Bell. If your like me and not so hot on who are the names to know in the beauty world, I would add her to your top ten. Amanda is a pro, as she says she is always learning by reading anything makeup related which means she has a bunch of tricks. Of course you know me, I love nothing more than to share with you lot, so I hope maybe you learn something new you can apply to getting a great everyday look. 

Let's talk more about Pixi firstly, their shop maybe small but it more than makes up for it being a makeup treasure chest just off Carnaby Street. If your visiting London and your on a makeup hunt, than add them on your 'must do' list. I'm a massive fan of their illuminating tint and conceal, which is great for warm weather when you prefer lighter makeup. Also my friend has their Eye Glow Cube (£18.00), which is dreamy it has two eye base powers and 16 eye shades she says it's her life saver. They also have a massive skincare range and their little sister brand POP beauty (see my review of their Raw nail polish here). It's one of those shops were you literally want everything.

Wise words from Amanda -
To start Amanda was going to be showing us how to colour co-ordinate our makeup, I think for a most girls it can be a case of wanting to play around with your makeup but still wanting the colours to blend with your outfit. In her models case it was corals go with teal. 

She spoke about each product, like the difference between shadow and baked eye shadow. Of course baked eye shadow is just that, it's heated ( in Egyptian times it was left out in the sun) so she recommended applying this with your brush upside down shown in the photo above. This way you can blend the shadow downwards as it's very pigmented, which is a very simple but handy tip.

Than she spoke about applying blush, the trick is never go beyond the middle of your eye's (stop at the outer corner of your mouth) and brush out to the outer corner of your eye (great way to avoid the dolly looking blusher). Also dot blusher in the middle of your eyelids, an old trick to give your eyes a pop. Of course it's easy to blend out and it's a subtle yet effective trick using the same blusher you used on your cheeks.

Than she applied the Endless Silky Eye Pen (£11) which is NEW and looked amazing, it's basically a liquid liner in a pencil to finish the eye look. You can blend this out or leave it bold, so you can create a great day to night look just by wearing it sharper in the day and blended out for a smoky look at night. Finished off with mascara and began on the lips.

The trick to keeping your lipgloss from bleeding is a waxy based product, I asked Amanda as I always have this problem with a glossy lip so tend to avoid it -She also mentioned that most of these products have great bases to tackle this. I believe she used the tinted brilliance balm in Craving Coral if my old brain remembers correctly, and than finished the look with Succulent Lip twin in Coral Camellia (£12.00)

So I hope you maybe picked up a little tip, and if you have any great spring makeup tricks feel free to share. Here's mine- A great trick for a strong lip look is to outline the lips with your foundation/concealer on an small angle brush. It's great for correcting any mistakes -Which I make a lot, and it makes your lips look fuller. Just make sure you blend out where needed, I find my lipstick looks almost perfect with this little trick I learned believe it or not from a drag queen who's makeup was always flawless.

 Are you a fan of Pixi? What products are on your wish list?

Note: If you go into their store pick up their makeup guide it has a heap of little tricks and tips inside.


  1. Beautiful photos!

    The packaging on the items looks lovely to!

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

  2. Pixi products are so freaking adorable, I have their eyeliner and it's the best pencil eyeliner ever! Although I still stick religiously to my liquid eyeliner hehe.



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