Skulls, Galaxies & Hats

So my eldest boy starts nursery I'm actual still in shock that his old enough already, before I know it I'm sure he will be off to school and telling me to dress like the other mums. I'm official joining the circus, as my juggling act is certainly going to push me to juggle even more balls oh the joy of having no time. I still have a heap of posts I'm writing up, I've gone from writers block to hours of editing. So there will be plenty of interesting things to read, well at least I hope they will be interesting. 

I went to the Prince Charles cinema for mine and Baz 'date night', his nan passed away last week and we had already booked it before anything had happened. Barry was at the hospital all last week, so it was nice to have a few hours together to give him a break from thinking about everything. 

Hat: Primark current season
Blouse & Cardigan: Primark current season
Galaxy skull Leggings: eBay
Boots: Primark current season

We saw a Tim Burton double bill, first Beetlejuice and than Edward scissor hands. It's so wonderful how watching a film on the big screen, can instantly change the feeling of it. I was almost in tears at the end of Edward scissor hands, I guess it involves you more as there is no escaping to go put the kettle on. It was a lovely night, and we are going back to watch a whole heap of other films soon.

My bobble hat addiction continues to grow, I now have three and I keep seeing ones i want to buy! I'm happy with how my winter wardrobe is coming together, I think it's always work in progress because it goes from being bright and a little nippy. To raining like crazy and being so, so cold!

What films have you been watching lately? What have you been buying tonnes of?


  1. Those leggings are cuteee! And i have that shirt in pink :) xxx

  2. I love these leggings, I can't believe that Corben is off to nursery, he is growing up so fast!

    Maria xxx

  3. That hat is amazing. Thinking of you and Barry X

  4. Sorry to hear about your family's loss.
    Edward Scissor Hands makes me cry EVERYTIME! Just that wee bit at the end. I might dig it out to watch on Halloween.
    That blouse you are wearing is gorgeous, I love how you've paired it with those awesome leggings xo

  5. your hair and those leggings are too awesome lol

  6. Those leggings are awesome! I watched Frankenweenie tonight, love Tim Burton.

    The Style Rawr!

  7. Your leggings are aaamazing, although I wouldn't be able to style them/pull them off anywhere near as well as you! Sending my best wishes to you and Barry's family too, so sorry to hear about your loss. x

  8. It is when they start school that the fun really starts! that is when I started feeling the pressure to dress like all the other mums. Thankfully I manage to resist it as much as possible. Love your whole look! the hair, the leggings, the hat, fantastic!

  9. Your style is fabulous girly! xx

  10. I absolutely love this cardi! Gutted it doesn't seem to be in my local one! Looking lovely as ever Law :) xx


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