What I Wore To The Look Show

So as you know I went to The Look Show, I thought I would share my outfit on it's own. I tend to take a lot of photos when I'm at events, and didn't what it to be a never ending story! Also it gives me a chance to share my latest buy, these amazing Foxy Heel Jeffery Campbell neon pink bad boys. 

I was watching Lucy's You Tube Jeffery Campbell collection video, and when I heard 'sale' I headed over to buy them as I have wanted them forever. I love Jeffery Campbell shoes, but having to boys who are growing out of everything non stop doesn't leave much in 'mummy's shoe fund'. Don't get me wrong it's not like I don't have any shoes, I have a to but it's nice to splash out on a special pair. 

Top: Primark current season
Cardigan: old
Biker waistcoat: Clothing at Tesco * (D.I.Y  studs )
D.I.Y short from old jeans
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell
Bag: eBay
Hat & Tights: Primark current season

Got to say I wasn't impressed at how they arrived, the box looked like it had been in a fight between a fox and a cat! My tummy flipped as I opened it, as  I was afraid the shoes would be trashed, thankful they were fine. Still I now have no box to keep them in, which is just great! I'm a freak I like to keep my shoe boxed, as they last so much longer. 

Are you lusting after any Jeffery Campbell shoes?


  1. Love the layering! And those shoes are ridiculously hott!!!! Xx

  2. Tights and shoes are so cute!

  3. :D I'm so glad it was you I saw at the look show ( I was the girl who was squinting at you for about 30 minutes then gave you a massive cheesy smile- if you recognised me at all)
    Me abd my sister was lusting after your shoes they're amazing! Sorry you don't have a box for them I like to keep mine safe too. Look fantastic

  4. You look fab Laura! Ahhh so jealous that you have Jeffery Campbells, but at the same time happy for you! I personally would LOVE a pair of these in tan. I'll keep dreaming ;)


  5. I have a waistcoat like that, never even thought of wearing it over a cardigan. Consider that idea stolen! xx

  6. Great look
    been to the Look show as well
    that was an amazing day

  7. Ooh, I think these shoes were just made for you! And they're pink! (I've not seen them in pink before) but I must admit it would be my favourite colour for them.
    Totally know what you mean about keeping the shoes in the box btw, sort of like their collectors items, especially if it's a pretty box.

  8. Oh man those shoes are incredible! x

  9. I LOVE JC shoes, I'm constantly saving for Litas, hopefully I'll get some £££ for Christmas! :) X


  10. defo nice to splash out on some shoes once in a while

  11. jeffrey campbell foxy's are the best! i have a pair in tan though, which is a bit plainer than your bright pink pair, haha.

  12. Oh my goodness these are gorgeous, I love the colour!

    Maria xxx


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