WithNail & I

So yes I have a lil nail vanish addiction, and I love to change it up here are just some of my hand/nail photo's. Most of the nail vanish I use is Barry M , I wish I could do amazing nail design's but I openly admit I'm shit :P
This post is lame, but allow me one by the way I do love the film 'Withnail and I' ...it had nail in it that's why I used it as a post title again sorry I now I am the queen of Lame :P


  1. wish that i can do nail art like u! pretty...

  2. i love the leopard print, looks so so cool!

  3. I just followed Lisa's how to from www.lisadrivesavan.blogspot
    She is amazing at doing nail's :P

  4. you've gone nail crazy haha!!! love all the colours xx


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