You Are Wearing?

So have been going through all my bookmarked list and my god it is never ending so I picked one at random, because only good stuff make's it on that list. So here are some of the thing's from the website's that I adore and know you will to. May post up some outfit picture's soon, for now I am enjoying showing my little find's ... I'm sure you know these site's but some people don't.

I hate when people think everyone know's something and they have no idea. Like age's ago  I saw this dress on one of the girl's from 'Hollyoak's  (yes I love it, I now have like 2 follower's, what can I say you have to love a bit of tacky drama soap/ rubbish)  and it was bugging me I just had to know where it was from. After a few month's I gave up and forgot about it, only to find it was on sale in a shop my friend work's at and I had been telling her about it 3 week's before in the pub !? Now you may say ' But how was she meant to know' but as someone who is a retail whore .... trust me you know. When I worked at Topshop, I could spot every concession and trend going it was on a night out ...'Oh she wearing Rare' or on the street 'That's motel and look she has the new Emma cook for Topshop shoes'. 

It was a fun game that me and all my friend's would play on night's out, but my knowledge was too good on outfit's, in a scary ...... do you live in a shop? kinda way, as I could also tell you if it was Primark, H&M, DP, Mango, Zara, Urban Outfitter's ........I was a total (still am a bit) shopahoilc and found it sad that I could shop list someone's entire outfit. Anyway, I will stop this rant but let me know .....Can you spot what brand someone is wearing?

So on to my website fave's ......Lazy Oaf .......

Lazy Oaf has to be one of the coolest shop's I use to love going to there store in the square by C street (it's not there any more) but lucky for us they have a website and have a small collection for the Tate. So you can grab a piece of the Oaf. Here are some of my favourite, feel free to sent me any :P honestly I don't mind .......well worth a try. 

This Chanel type bottle necklace is designed by Eleonora Bardelli, it was part of Lazy Oaf's Jewellery Competition 2009 and is limited edition. How darling I want 100 so I can give all my gal pal's one. I think every girl need's this in her jewellery collection. I think Coco would be impressed or sick .....but I love it.

This great 'Rad' ring, and this to die for bangle are by LA jewellery designer Steven Shein for lazy oaf. so if you are a geometric junkie than you will just love his stuff, plus it is handmade, so that make's it worth the investment. The bangle is £40, but I think it is a show piece that could go with just about everything from tee and jean's to a brown paper bag.

Little Black Cherry ..............

I just love this necklace, it's a bit silly but I think it is just lush .... I will be getting mine next moth I hope it's from I do love plastic necklace's they just give an edgy to outfit's that are plain. Plus I love when people say 'where did you get that?' its nice not to take everything so serious and to have fun with fashion. Plus I get help but think of Mean Girl's when I see this, not sure why. I love that film ... actually I need a necklace that say's ' Fetch' :P

Here's a little bit about the website: Welcome to Little Black Cherry, we specialize in Quality Scene Emo Clothing, Hooded Jackets, Men's and Ladies T-shirts, Unisex Skinny Jeans, Trilby Hats many more! Our aim is to bring you stylish unique items you will be happy to 'play' with, we always take one step further to find the best quality items, follow current trends and demands. We are small family run company based in Plymouth, Devon.Occassionally we run fantastic online competitions, giving you the chance to win shopping vouchers to spend in our store! That's a great Gift Idea! All competitions are advertised on all major UK competition sites.

So that is all for now and I am working on some really cool post's that I will let you know more about soon, it's mid week Horayyyyyyyy


  1. the ring very cool, your blog very nice. You so pretty with big eye.

  2. love the omfg necklace! haha

  3. hahah i love eying up peoples outfits and knowing where their pieces came from. i think i should do and OOTD and you'll have to have a guess at where it was from. ps. my asos things didnt arrive! seriously i think since asos broadened the shop to the US their service in the UK has been crap! but i did get a refund both times so its all well. just a bit reluctant to buy on there again!

    hope ur all good sweets xxx

  4. yeah i can spot outfits to shops, i just naturally take notice of's good but it makes me get put of certain styles becasue i see so many guys wearing stuff really badly or just buying into a whole high street look and just looking like a generic (fill in the shop name) model.

    could be worse though hey!


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