Jazz Up That Granny Jumper

I don't know about you, but I adore a good old granny jumper or top. You can usual find the best ones in charity or vintage shops, and now even the high street have their 'trendy' granny jumpers. It can be tricky to wear, as you don't want to actual look like you should have a purple rinse, (see grannies made the dip dye hair thing cool too) and the classic cake hat. 

The way I like to Jazz up mine, is to add detail in other things, such as the zebra print on my belt and teaming it with jeans will give it an instant youth boost. I think they look nice with a maxi skirt too, but again you have to get the portions right or you can end up just looking a frump. If you can go for one that's more oversized and one with some unique detail, like this cornflower blue one has such gorgeous knit detail in the top, almost like a collar. 

Jumper: Charity shop
Jeans & Shoes: Clothing at Tesco
Belt: ASDA
Necklace: EBay

Some here a few suggestions for you:

Colour, if you can't find one that's the right colour why not get a white one and dye it. It's so easy and a great way of making it more fashion forward, than making it look like you stole it off a gran at the bus stop.

Details, a funky belt to show off your waist is perfect this is a must for wearing with a maxi skirt unless your jumper is shorter. A cool necklace works I picked my glasses one as it's a little quirky, also it won't take focus from your jumper. Avoid big earring as it will just kill the look and look to try hard. If your good at D.I.Y you could always add studs, elbow patches or long sleeve ones (have a look at my D.I.Y heart patches)

Look for, jumpers that a light as spring is here and than you can through it on in summer if it gets chilly. Jumpers with a cute detail, it maybe a pattern or print I adore this one for the detail in the neckline and also the colour. If you look in Chairty shops you can pick them up for less than a £5, if you go for a vintage one they can be around £15 and up. If you take the high street route, than depending on where you go they can be around £30 (Topshop, River Island and places). 


Thank you for your comments, I really do love hearing from you x