Sugarhill Boutique Press Day (S/S & A/W 2012)

So were I have just had Logan who's now 6 weeks old, I've been out the loop in regards to press days and events (sad face). So when Clare from Rainbows & Fairy dust, asked me to accompany her to the Sugarhill press day I was more than happy. It was great to see her, as we got to have a chat and laugh about what we had been up too, there's nothing like talking to people in real life not just on twitter etc...and also she got to meet little man himself. Anyway on to the press day ......How amazing is Sugarhill Boutique? That would be damn amazing! 

The Suagrhill ladies were lovely and talked us through the collections, the first was their current collection which is on their site and at ASOS and Very. With poppy reds and sailor blues it was jumping off the rail for me, tops were festive friendly and dresses featured swans, birds and polka dots. My favourite printed pieces were the 'Merry Go' ones, they had the option of the dress, top or skirt. I really adored this as sometimes you want the print in a certain type of clothing and you don't always have a choose.

 Lolly shirt dress: £45.00 (pictured 4th down)
Than they showed us the next collections to hit their site around April, the colour palette featured yellows and blues and again some gorgeous prints. Clare picked out this stunning flower print maxi skirt, and we were both talking about how we would style it. There are a lot of pieces that online won't jump out at you, but seeing them today they are really a must. I really liked the more classic styles of blouses and shirts too, even they had details that set them apart from what you would find on the high street, the highlight of colour in the neckline.

Everyone was raving about the 'Vegas' collection and who could blame them, with dice and card prints in dresses, jumpers and tops super cute. One of the dresses was a maxi dress in cream and black with a sheer pocket, it was so chic and I can see it being a sell out when it hits the site. Dresses are around £40-65 pounds, which is not too bad as I really adore the prints and there not the type of prints you will see everywhere. I really liked this collection too, I always love a little kooky detail in clothing it's great to have something fun without looking childish. I loved the squirrel jumper, me and Barry (my bloke) have a crazy obsession with squirrels so I'm hoping that I can snap it up. 

Suagrhill ladies, rocking the new collection.

Their A/W 2012 collection is going to be a winner, it features little fox and bunny prints if you follow me on instagram you would have seen the fox jumper. I just adore the rusty browns and maroon shades in this collection too, dresses have little bow details and even cuter than the polka dots little hearts.  

This boutique is one to watch, with TOWIE folk among many other celeb's snapping up pieces they are already gaining a big following. After seeing the collections I can see why even they can't resist. So massive thank you to Clare (blog bud's for life haha) and also to the wonderful team at Sugarhill.

What do you think of the collection? I want it all.

 Clare with the jumper that reminds me of a hegdehog


  1. Oh wow, loads of amazing items there! That must have been a fantastic day. I am a bit in love with the ice cream print.

  2. I want EVERYTHING with foxes! Amazing collection!

  3. Love the look of this :) all looks fabulous xxx

  4. Great post lovely :) You got some fab snaps. I just put mine live today too although the iphone snaps weren't quite as pro ahaha.

    Was fab to meet you :) xx


  5. I want to be a sugarhill lady ! great clothes xx

  6. Looks like some fab prints coming through! Love all of it. x

  7. loads of prints and patterns going on here, i wouldn't mind a shirt covered in parrots at all!


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