Make Me An Icon

It was a little chilly, so I decided if I was ever going to wear my Style Icon's Closet dress I would have to layer it with a jumper. It's so cute I love that it's neon and has polka dots, it's rare to find two great loves in one piece of clothing. If you missed my Youtube video I think I said that this dress 'so cute' about a billion times, but it really is. I also found my Topshop pink dolly shoes, they are not exactly comfortable but I adore them away.

I love that Style icon's closet pieces are made by hand, they are so well put together and they have a wonderful vintage style feel to them. They added some new dresses to their site, I'm coveting this one (leopard print, another great love).

Dress (wore as skirt): c/o Style Icon's Closet
Shoes: Topshop
Jumper: Charity shop
Bow: c/o Style Icons Closet
Ring: Primark

I painted some false nails as my nail art is pretty rubbish at the moment, I got some nail wraps off EBay that I still need to try. It's so hard trying to paint my nails, even the false ones as I have to keep stopping to feed my bub (Logan who's 6 weeks old). Anyway as regards my beauty ban I'm doing really well, I thought I would crack and buy a sneaky nail polish or lipstick as I was in Superdrug the other day, and even looked at the beauty bits just to test myself. I think the more your around things you want, the more you actual look and think I don't need that. I have been using what I have, which is such a great feeling I have heaps and discovering things I had forgotten about.

Do you need to go on a ban? Are you on a ban now? Too much product, clothing, shoes are you spending money on things you already have. Would love to know.


  1. love this outfit laura, you look so darn cute.

  2. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! Reminds me of a very pink Minnie Mouse! :)
    x x x

  3. love this outfit law :) suuuch a pretty dress, the colour is so lovely
    Im on a ban at the moment to try and save up for my boyfriends 21st present! its sooo hard!

  4. Love this dress, it reminds me of Minnie mouse :) I've stopped buying nail varnish since I realised I have about 28! x

  5. Holy crap m'dear, I LOVE this x

  6. you look adorable, like a real life minnie mouse :D xx

  7. This is the best and omgomg I need that bow!!! Looking gorgeous! xo

  8. You look like a modern day minnie mouse! This is the perfect outfit for you! just stunning! xoxo


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