What A Week

So I promised myself I wouldn't shop, but I couldn't resist popping in the charity shop for a look (so bad) I  ended up buying a few bits and bobs. They had a sale on their necklaces too, so I picked a few that to be honest I didn't need, but they were too cute to leave and for a £1 each ! 

Logan had his hearing test and his all good which was a relief, he is doing so well and getting a very chubby bubby. I still have a huge to do list, it's so crazy I think it started off with like two things and now is at 25, yeah fun times. I still have not had any time to start my D.I.Y projects, I have some really simple but effective ones to share with you. In other news I'm finally getting use to my glasses, but keep having to remind myself to put them on (I'm so use to blur). Corbie my 2 year old is good at reminding me, he had to put them on me the other day which was so funny as he almost poked my eye out, oh the irony. 

Clare having a cuddle with baby Logan
The Sugarhill collection

So as you know I went to the Sugarhill Boutique with the super stylish Clare, it was great to see her as a mum it's nice to be around adults (even better when we can talk about stuff that is not child related). She had to take her dog Bob to the vets before the press day, as he got poked in the eye poor thing (his okay). I was so exited to hear that she was styling a shoot last week, if you don't know Clare's blog Rainbows & Fairy Dust than check it out. She always has daily outfit posts, press days and general coolness, oh did I mention a wardrobe to die for. 

I also got to see Becca from Fashion Train who is so sweet, and so focused she is the youngest blogger I've met and yet she is so together. I love how down to earth she is and hard working, she's a credit to the younger gene of bloggers out there. It was so great to chat with her and Clare, and after the press day we took a sneaky trip to Fovever 21, they have so many wonderful things I had to resist and be strong I'm sure I will crack next month. Also I finally got to meet the stunning Media Marmalade aka Mel, who had such a stunning blouse on, I really adored it and her she's a sweetheart. It was great to actual meet Mel, I've spoken to her loads on twitter so great to meet and talk. It's nice talking to people on twitter, but so much better when you have met that person (plus you feel less like a crazy stalker) 

So that was my week. How was yours?

Clare & Mel looking set for s/s 


  1. Awww you are always so sweet :-)

    Little L looks so cute in the bunny suit! LOVE that he is named after Wolvereen! So who is Corb named after?

    hope to see you at something else soon!!


  2. Firstly awwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute, I think all babies should wear things with ears! Secondly EVERYBODY keeps telling me about Sugarhill I feel like Im majorly missing out x

  3. ahhh this is such a lovely post :) Love the snaps and was so nice to meet you finally. xx


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