Boyfriend Jeans: Friend Or Foe

Growing up I wore pretty much every cut of jean, from skinny to flared, straight to bootcut but I've always avoided the boyfriend jeans. I think going from skinnys is always hard, they just make you feel better about your bottom half, well not always but most of the time. So when the lovely folks at Passion 4 Italian Fashion, sent me these 7 For All Mankind boyfriend jeans I was like 'Wow the holy grail of denim, but how can I wear this cut'. Passion 4 Italian Fashion are currently an EBay store, they are planning on launching their shop soon so they wanted to get feedback on their clothing. They have a great mix of labels, but at discounted prices (we likey). 

Top: Zara via charity shop

For those of you who don't know, 7 For All Mankind are all made by hand they are the go to denim of any cool celebrity (Kirsten Stewart, Jessica Alba) as soon as I unwrapped I could instantly see why. I thought 'right just put them on, so you can laugh at yourself' but I didn't. At first I was unease about the cut, than I start to think about what to team them with, I thought simple was the way to go they are designed to be relaxed jeans (these are the jared jeans) so something casual. 

Once I put on my Zara top and leopard print scarf I went back to the mirror, could it be possible? Could these be not only the most comfy pair of jeans I have ever worn, but actual look really cool. Yes I think so, I was already to change into my other skinny jeans thinking that these would be a no no but I kept them on and I actual want to live in them. So boyfriend jeans friend or foe ....Well they are actual unlikey friend, that I think will be my best friend. They are so great for everyday wear. Passion 4 Italian Fashion sell their jeans for around £35.00 and under, these jeans retail at around £200! So if your after some great summer jeans check them out and give the boyfriend cut a go. 


  1. I love boyfriend jeans and I especially loved this styling that I saw on Rihanna. A bit rolled up and with some retro heels. It looked so rockabilly. :)

    They look great!

  2. ooh i like them - i used to favour the bf jean, back in the day when i wore jeans to college everyday.

  3. On you they look fab on me they would look wrong.

    The whole outfit looks so comfy.

    Peg x

  4. I´m a big fan of boyfriend jeans (cant unfortunately wear my husband´s one as I´m super tiny though:(). My go to when I can´t be bothered dressing up too much but still want to look good. I love them with girly floral printed tee - now I know it sounds weird but I think the combo really works:) x

  5. So jealous of these jeans! Seem to be a perfect fit - it's so hard to find good boyfriend jeans without being too washed out by them. :) X

  6. Oh wow those are very beautiful .Your excitement is clearly justified! I want to tell youtrue religion shorts is my favorite and hope you can come in and see.

  7. yeah we need a bit of change, i miss the looser days


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