Suddenly I See

So finally I can show you my new glasses, as I said I went to Specsavers who basically told me I'm blind. Well no that's a lie, but I do need my glasses they will take a while to get use to I have to take them off every now and than as my eyes adjust. Plus I know for a fact I will forget to put them on! I really love these frames, Barry choose them and I'm glad he did I would have had to try them all on before choosing and still have had to ask him. They are actual under the mens section on their site, oh well I like them I feel like Javis cocker so it's all good.

Glasses: Specsavers
Denim Shirt: Primark
Leather trousers: Topshop via charity shop
Trainers: Converse
Ring: Gift from Barry from Egypt
Bracelet: primark

I can notice a different already, I was reading Company High Street Edit and didn't have to reread anything which is a first. I was able to hold it away from my face too, usual I have to bury my face into something to read it if it's smaller print as it will look blurred. It rained today in London which was so rubbish, I had planned wearing something a bit brighter and my pumps. Instead I had to wear my big raincoat, and my con's I did get to wear my denim shirt which I love and of course my leather pants. Had a pretty chilled day got a busy week a head. What did you do Today?


  1. love the glasses... and the leather trousers look fab! great style!x Marina

  2. i want your Converse! Glad you are liking your glasses, they suit you :-) Wish i could say the same about mine... x

  3. loving those converse hun! fabulous colour xoox

  4. That necklace is so bold. I love it! This gives me new ideas on how to dress up my denim shirt.


  5. Look at YOU!! You are such a hot mamma :) xxxx


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