D.I.Y Day 4# Beaded Heart Elbow Patches

So after seeing an amazing how to over at A beautiful Mess, which just so happens to me my new all time favourite blog, it's a daily addiction I could stay on it all day! I decided to try my hand at a D.I.Y heart elbow patch, mine is a little different that's why I wanted to post this for theirs click here. I think I will use their one on a different cardigan or jumper soon, as I do love the patterned fabric look too. They also have one for heart print jeans. Again like my other D.I.Y project, I had all these things and am trying to use what I have and make do and mend.

You Will Need:
* Cardigan, or jumper, or top (maybe use an old one you want to jazz up)
* Felt or fabric, you don't need a lot so if you have a scrape piece this will be perfect
* Chalk
* Scissors & pins
* Needle and Thread (I used embroidery thread/embroidery needle & plain thread)
* Beads (mine were from a broken bracelet)
* Paper 

Step 1:
Put your Cardigan on and mark with your chalk were your elbow hits, when you put your hearts on later you can check they match up as much a possible. Than take your paper and make a heart template, once you have this than you can pin it to the fabric (in my case felt) and cut two out. 

Step 2: 
Pin your heart over your chalk mark, try on the cardigan again just to double check it sits in the right place. When your happy you can than start sewing it down, you could glue it but I prefer to sew it in case I want to change it at some point. Like I said I used embroidery thread as I just prefer the look, it's always nice around the edges if you are using felt.

Step 3:
Than once you have sewn your heart down and you are happy, than you can add the beads. I followed the heart shape again on the inside, but it's up to you. If your not huge on sewing or don't have beads you could just sewn down a couple of colourful buttons in one corner. 

Now you can enjoy your new look cardigan, I love that again I have made this from things I already had. I love this D.I.Y and you could really change it up by using different fabric, shapes and beads etc ... If you make this than leave me a link and I will add it on to this post, so others can get inspired.


  1. That looks amazing! Elsie is one of my favourite bloggers too and one of my resolutions is to get more crafty so will have to go back through all her posts and find some good projects to do : )x

  2. aww i love this idea - so simple, yet effective!

  3. LOVE that you chose to do hearts, that's so cute :) I'm not really a fan of elbow patches although my favourite cardigan of the year has some on it ( I'm hoping this mean's it'll last longer somehow ) xo

  4. I'm definitely one for an elbow patch, but I've never seen heart shaped ones before, this is such a good idea!

  5. You need to open a shop with your DIYs, I looove this! I have a few old cardis that need a bit of a jazz up so may have to try this :) xxx

  6. What a great idea to have heart shaped elbow patches! Yours turned out so lovely!


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