Bring On Spring

Yes, yes I know I am a tad excited for Spring, I think everyone is come on it will be so nice to not have to leave the house in 30 layers. I also can not wait to go shopping, put on some bright colour and rediscover my wardrobe. As I was pregnant for most of 2011, it will be beyond amazing just to have some kind of waist again (wobble or not). Plus after seeing most of the press days for S/S 2012, I have a wish list as long as my arm! As I'm sure you do too. So what will I be buying for spring I hear you cry, well here is a run down of things I want need:

Blue trousers: £14.99
Yellow blazer: £34.99
Black & White trousers: £29.99
Pink ballet pumps: £7.99
2x belt: £7.99
All H&M

I need, yes need some cobalt blue jeans/trousers I have been trapped in maternity jeans for almost a year and it's been killing me. So my plan is to get my bottom in a pair ASAP, so if you see a women will two screaming kids trying to edge herself into a pair of blue jeans on the shop floor that will be me. I am also craving a almost neon yellow jacket, I really love the yellow against the black and white stripe trousers. Also as I have a huge heel collection I though maybe I would focus on my flat's, I will have a new born baby and unlike posh I won't be wearing crazy stupid heels because I don't fancy a twisted ankle and putting my abby in A&E. Also these belts talk about budget chic, they have different colour combos but I love a little pink and the brown will go with everything. 

Do you have any must haves for Summer?

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  1. in love with those black and white trousers!! xx


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