Mini Beauty Haul

Tesco had some deals on a lot of their beauty and body products, so I snapped them up we seem to go through shower wash etc like crazy maybe my boyfriend Barry is eating it who knows. I know Asda do the N-Spa ( Makeup Savvy Fee has written all about them here), well Tesco do treacle moon, both have that philosophy look and actual have a nice smell like the philosophy products too without the huge price tag. I love these three bath and shower gels, I have had them before and I was lucky enough to scoop these up for £1.99 each!

Lemonade Days - This is great first thing in the morning, it's a refreshing wash and great for making you feel clean and fresh. If your a gym bunny I would say this would be great, as after a sweaty workout it would leave you feeling fresh.
Ginger Morning - I actual prefer at night, it's got a warm cosy smell and I usual use it when in need of relaxing and if I have had a long busy day.
Raspberry Kiss - This has such an amazing smell, very fruity and girly I use this one the most and I would say it would be great just before a night out or date. Barry liked this smell on me, as it's really sweet and girly.

They leave your skin soft and don't dry it out, with a lot of supermarket body wash they tend to leave my skin a little parched. Tesco have changed the deal now, so they are back to £2.99 which to me is still great. I also got the pomegranate secret, which I have not tried yet but it smells amazing. They also have a range called ' Along Came Betty' which has a Soap & Glory feel to it, again it's a bit cheaper I adore the retro look packaging so I picked up Clean around the clock body wash £2.99. They also do scrubs, a body butter and a mitt I really like this range it's not as good as Soap and Glory I have to say (I'm a huge S&G fan), but it's still nice. So yeah I won't need any body wash any time soon!

Lastly was the Vaseline Lips tin, a huge tin with four of the Vaseline lip balms in Rosy lip, aloe vera, original and cocoa butter. I think it was the huge tin that sold it to me, it's so cool and I saw them ages ago on someones blog but couldn't get one anywhere. Plus I love just keeping them in my different bags, knowing that I always have some balm on me. In winter my lips are a nightmare so it's a must have, out of the four I adore the rosy lip the most. I paid £6 for this, than noticed it went down to £4! Anyway like I said I was happy to just get one, I'm using the tin to store other bits in.

Not sure if they just bring these out for Christmas, but I love them if I see them I'm going to buy same for friends as I think they are so cool. Who doesn't like feeling like the borrows with a giant tin, don't know if you remember that show but I loved it!


  1. Supermarkets are actually really great for little bits like this! Great haul!

  2. Great for presents and stuff, you have a lovely blog btw :)

  3. The massive vaseline tin is the coolest, my sis bought me one for christmas! They're awesome x

  4. Oh I love raspberry kiss! I have the body soufflé of it. Yum! Have you tried the creme brulee vasilene! It is so gorge.


  5. Me and my dad were sniffing those shower gels in Tesco last week, they smell so yummy. I really want to try them! :) xx


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