Coke Cola Inspired Nails

The other day I was so bored, and my nails were looking a tad dull with what remained of my Barry M blue nail polish. As I can't get out much (if your new to my blog I'm hang my second child soon), so I though I would give treat myself by taking some time out from sorting the house and design some new nails. Lately I have felt really flat when it's come to nail ideas, everyone seems to be doing the same thing but than as I finished off my can of Coke I came up with these. 

Yes they are on the tacky side (just how I like em), but I love them they did not take long at all and I have had some emails to ask if I have a shop or will have a shop to sale my designs. I don't have time for this right now, but maybe later this year I might. Anyway there are heaps of wonderful nail shops on peoples blogs, and if you can't find them give me an email I'm happy to email you a list of my faves. So anyway what do you think? 

 Images: Mine (please ask if you want to use them)
Painted on red nails: Sliver nail art pen, black nail art pen ( all off Ebay)
Red glitter polish: Barry M
White polish: Barry M


  1. I love these! You're so creative with nails :) xx

  2. These are amazing! I wish I had the patience to grow my nails let alone paint them so well! I'm forever just doing an accent nail and pretending it's high fashion ;) xxx

  3. ooh i like them - not too tacky at all in my opinion! :) i wish i could do something like that with mine, but more often than not i don't even get round to painting them!


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