Navilicious What A Beauty ( A Thank You)

So the lovely Nav at Navilicious Beauty had a Christmas giveaway, she actual did 4! One for Nails, lips, eyes and face (I know so kind) may I add she paid for out of her own pocket. Anyway I was the lucky winner of the nails giveaway! I know lucky me right I was so happy, I am a tad nail mad as being 11 days away from giving birth to my second child there's not a lot I can do/wear. Anyway she not only sent me the nail giveaway prize, but a heap of nail polishes that she thought I would like. Also the sweetest email I have ever received from another blogger, that actual made me cry (in a good way). She said that she loved my blog and that she loved hearing about Corben (my two year old), as she hasn't got her mum. Nav I hope your reading this, I adore your strength my mum is bi polar and it's not been easy. At the moment she is well and very supportive, but when she's ill I feel lost so I have no idea how you cope hunni. I think and I hope that anyone reading this will think more, it's so easy to assume that everyone has their mum and dad. Thank you for your kind words about me, I can tell you I'm not a perfect mum that's for sure. 

I'm so glad I won your giveaway, (you are such a total sweetheart) not for the nail stuff but for what you said. Sometimes I'm harsh on my mum, were I had to care for her for 10 years our relationship really changed and I guess I took it for granted that I even had her. It's always been us and my grandparents, my dad has been in and out of my life but my mum has been my rock. Thank you for making me see that I'm lucky to have her ill or not, I hugged and gave my mum a kiss the next day after your email (actual crying now). I use to do that everyday, but I can't actual remember the last time I did that. It's sad that I never realised that I had been taking having her for granted, and that I needed reminding that she is a great mum one that I need to thankful for anyway .........

Here is what Nav sent me! I was gobsmacked! I can't wait to try the nail repair and the scented nail polish.

THANK YOU SO MUCH NAV, for your prize and the other nail polishes. Keep up the blog and thank you for your words, it makes blogging worth it. Sorry this was a bit heavy folks, but this is what you get here, I think far to much we all get wrapped up in things that don't matter. It's nice to be reminded that we are lucky in different ways, also that our blogs can connect  us on a deeper level. So again thank you Nav and also all of you my amazing readers! Thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for your comments, tweets and hitting the GFC button. You made my 2011, and I hope now in 2012 I can share my new life with you ......After all I will have a new baby and a new set of challenges.


  1. What a sweetheart Nav is and I couldn't agree more. Remembering to be thankful and that life is not just about make-up and clothes is very important. Staying grounded and keeping it real xxx

  2. i love this maybellline forever strong, is goo nice, and it really helps your nails!

  3. Aww! I'm so glad you like everything and you gave your mum a kiss and a cuddle, I really think we should appreciate everything we have, lots of love xxxxxx

  4. Great post hun, and so true what you said. On another note -- LOVE that nail polish collection you have there!

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