Ready To Pop

As you can see I don't have long left, a couple more weeks and I should be holding my baby boy. I'm looking forward to the big day, but I'm a tad worried to see how Corben my 2 year old reacts to his new baby brother. It's not going to be easy I know, I just have to hope that he knows the baby is his as much as it is mine and Barry's anyway .....

My skin is awful at the moment, so when I saw 17 cosmetics have BB Blemish Balm I decided to take a trip to Boots. So far so good, I will have to use it a while before being able to say if it's worth getting or not (I will post up a review soon). It seems BB is the new buzz in the makeup beauty world, as a few other brands have the same thing. I hate when you see an advert on television and they don't really tell you what it is, they give it a weird name tell you, you need it and that's it. So if you were like me thinking 'What the hell is BB' than fear not, it's actual just a blend of everything in one 'magic makeup'. So great for fine lines, soothing covering up and just making your skin divine all in one go.

Jacket: Barry's Superdry jacket, it was so cold I didn't care.
Top: Charity shop
Leggings: Tesco
Boots: Old Faith
Bag: Free with a magazine (yep well classy)
Necklace: Gift from Mum
Earrings: Accessorize

Still loving Lush Chilli Tingle Lip tint, my face needs glow as pregnancy has provided me with none and I love orange lipstick/lip tint it just makes you feel instantly less rubbish. I really want to get a faux stole, I have a mini blue one but I would like to get a black or brown one soon ...seems they are a new blogger fave. I have seen some cheap ones on the H&M site, but if you know anywhere that sells them for under £10 than please leave me a comment as I really, really want one.


  1. Your skin looks flawless to me and I love that lip colour on you! I can't believe how quick your pregnancy has went past, you do look ready to pop! :) x

  2. Love the chilli lip tint! Beautiful baby mama xxx

  3. Jel! I never looked as good as you do pregnant. Don't worry about Corben, he'll either do one of two things.. barely leave his new bro alone or show no interest whatsoever :) xx

  4. I cannot contain my excitement for you. Seriously!

  5. Your skin looks fine! :) Good luck with the birth and stuff, I hope it goes ok. Christmas Baby? :D

  6. My God, I had NO idea you were pregnant! I know this is very late but congratulations. Must be an exhilarating feeling! :]

  7. Eeeek! How exciting!! You don't even look that big! You look absolutely beautiful and your skin looks glowing and lovely :)


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