Lush Chilli Tingle Lip Tint Review

I'm a big fan of the Lush lip tint's I have Snow Fairy, which smells amazing but I do find tricky to put on as I have to use a brush to apply it (not always great when your in a hurry and when applying with your finger can look a little messy. So I was more than excited to try both the limited edition lip tint's, that Lush have out for Christmas. I will have the Celebrate Lip tint review up later this week, so will leave the link here. 

On to the Chilli Tingle lip tint, first impression's I love the colour I'm really into orange coloured lips at the moment. It makes a nice change from hot pink that now everyone seems to be wearing. It lacks any smell which I know some people will love, I'm into smell so was a little disappoint as you can just smell the coco butter. The Chilli Tingle lip tint is £4.75 for 10g

The Result:

Love the colour and it goes on easy, as you heat it up with your finger glad to say you can't taste the chilly as my lips are sensitive. It has icing sugar in so if you end up tasting it, it's not bad and won't ruin a drink, meal etc ... It does last a while say a few hours but I did have to reapply a couple of times after drinks, it did make my lips feeling soft and moisturised through out the day. 

I think if your after a orange lip colour, but want something that's going to keep your lips soft and than this is a winner. Not for everyone, but it is for me and well worth a try. (I will add in some photos of me wearing it soon, had no time to today). Like I said you do have to top it up, and maybe it would work better in a stick form as if you have no brush you end up with a orange finger. So make sure you have some tissue or wet wipes, if your not going to apply with a brush you may end up in a 'where do I get rid of this' situation. Still I love this not only for Christmas but all year round, but yes the lip tint's need to be a stick form to avoid mess and get the most out of the product.

Rating: 7/10 

(would get a 10 if it were in a lipstick form, easy to apply).

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  1. I see how everyone is trying to apply chili in everything from desserts to balms.

    I would say the same for this. I haven't tried it but what bugs me about these tins is that it's messy. I hate how I always need a tissue for my finger. A lipstick would be so much more convenient.

  2. Lush keeps doing these amazing lip products, and I have yet to try them. My lips get so dry at this time of year, i've been buying all kinds of lip balms but i always forget about lush :( Will remember to go in next time i am out! x

  3. Ha, I tried the chilli lip tint in the store, sans mirror and it all got a bit messy, orange everywhere! The bit that was on my lips looked good though haha!
    Found 3 lots of snow fairy from last year I hadnt even opened!!


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