My Girl Jaymie

(A note from Jaymie, that she sent with my necklace)
Anyone who knows me knows my love for Amy Winehouse, so when Jaymie who I met at the first LDN Blogger Meet sent me this necklace, to say I was delighted was an understatement. She is so talented and I love that she makes all her necklaces by hand, I love anything handmade it's the time and personal touch. Plus you know there won't be 1000 other people wearing the same thing as you. So THANK YOU so much Jaymie it really was so sweet of you, I adore my Amy! I still can't believe she is gone, and I'm looking forward to listening to her new album which I have heard parts of and I'm already loving. So this is such a wonderful gift and really means a lot to me, and it's so nice when another blogger thinks of you.

She also has a fab blog Jaymie ocallaghan, I would say like myself her blog is more lifestyle (which I adore) she shares where she has been what she has been working on etc ... I love her Christmas posts, even if they do have me raiding my cupboard for Marshmallows and Haribo ...have a look you will understand. Anyway  I love her shop it has thee cutest things, and I know that a lot of you will love her unique necklaces she has a mix between her drawings and bottle ones etc ... have a look here

How adorable is the Chanel bottle necklace and I think this cute sparkle red heart is so pretty. I already have my stocking fillers sorted, but I think in the New year I'll be buying some things to put in my birthday box. As I love to give extra gifts with presents for friends birthdays, and these are perfect.

Thank you again Jaymie, it really was so sweet of you xx


  1. they are AWESOME! and totally perfect for you!!


  2. Jaymie's jewellery looks amazing, definitely going to be checking her shop out when I've got some Xmas money! :) xxx

  3. Love the jewellery, really cute. Its extra special as it's illustrated by Jaymie! So nice of her x


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