River Island S/S 2012

A while ago I was invited to the River Island press day, I took so many photos that it's taken me forever to write this post up. So finally I'm happy to share with you their S/S 2012 collection, and what a collection!
I have to say I adored most of it, but I can see it won't be everyones cup of tea as most of it features a lot of print. There was such a mix going on and every collection seemed to jump out at me, there is the new season tribal which had amazing statement necklaces mixed with feathers and sequins. Than more country girl mixed with a 70's road trip vibe to it, lots of blues and knits and patterns. I think I liked their grunge meets pop collection, which was very 90's girl band Shampoo a mix of tropic prints and neon pink with oversized wide loop knit jumpers (almost thee most amazing air of neon pink studded hot deign pants I have ever seen).

I love these two dresses

Love this jacket the cut is very Chanel and the pattern is stunning

Tribal chic
Than there were heaps of almost vintage Versace style prints, on shirts and maxi skirts very bright and in your face punchy prints of chain and tassel prints. The accessorise's were just as full on as the clothing, it seems even footwear had some kind of beads or studs and bags were bright, and screamed of summer on a hot beach. They was also a dolly like collection that first got my attention, the fabrics were sheer organza with flower details and a lace blazer in hot pink (on my wish list for sure). 

80's style vintage prints, very Versace

Devil in the detail

I think these collections are about more is more, like I say I think a lot of people won't love everything but you could easily take a statement piece and add it in to your own style more. I love how fun everything felt, and all the attention to details it's about standing out this summer and being bold. Wall flowers you have been warned, I will post up the 2nd part tomorrow as this really is such a cool collection that I couldn't pick just a few photos! I'm in love, so come summer 2012 I hope to be rocking most of this ...I'll be broke but bright and bold! 

Pick and mix station, which I adored candy and looking at clothing = Happy me!


  1. You totally weren't joking when you said it was prints and colours galore! I am loving it, especially that blouse with the diamante detail on the collar. I could totally DIY that myself, awesome idea!

  2. The shirt with the collar tip details is so nice! I also love that the "aztec" trend will be back! x

  3. WOW the collection looks great. I love River island so much. The shirt with the diamanté collar looks like a must have x

  4. I am in love with this collection!
    Love the bright colours and extra detail.
    ~Hannah xx

  5. Probably of their best collections ever!!! :)


  6. Those river island pieces are amazing! I totally love those sandals!

  7. Love this! I think this is River Island at its best...for some reason the brand in the last ten years has equated full on fun, with detailing and colour and galore! This looks like it doesnt disappoint, and I'm lusting after far too many things to mention!!

  8. Aztec, sequins, vintage Versace and collars... PERFECT!


  9. Collecting looks amazing, actually perfect for festival season, I love the prints!


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