Lush Magic Wand

So finally, yes finally I have and used my Lush Magic Wand I have mentioned this product in about 100 other posts! I just adore it, it has the scent of Snow Fairy which is a limited Christmas product (if you have never had that either it smells like bubblegum, it's sweet and just reminds me of candy floss). At first I didn't get this as at £4.95, I thought you only got one use out of it and even for something I love I was like not happening. Than I found out after that you can use it a few time in the bath, as I have not been out much I was gutted I would never get to try it!

Than when I had my treat day I was by Lush, so I made it my mission to get one I'm so happy I did. It's so my perfect bath product, (I'm a lush junkie and actual worked for them for about 4 years)  you name it and I have had a bath in it ....okay that sounded a tad wrong I meant Lush bath wise. I think that as much as I hate to admit it I am a girly girl sometimes, I love the pink ribbon and the bell and felt like a kid again swirling around in the bath ...All pink and witch like, casting a spell for a relaxing evening (Yes I'm sad). 

It's just good fun to do something child like (plus who doesn't love a Magic Wand!) some times I think, and I loved seeing all the bubbles and the smell was amazing. So I think the best way to get lots of bubbles and smell out of it, is to wait till the bath water is half run and while the hot tap is still running give it a good swirl around in the water. Than have a small plate ready on the side to let it dry out on, so it's ready for your next bath ...if you don't let it dry out you won't get a lot out of it. Anyway I adore it and will be sad to see it go, so if you love it stock up or you will have to wait till next Christmas for one.
Rating: it gets a 9/10 (Would have got a 10, but as you can only get it at Christmas that sucks)


  1. It smells sooooooooooo good, doesn't it?! I'm also still PLANNING to use mine - it looks too cute! X

  2. I love this <3.

    Sadie x

  3. I love this concept! Have you seen The Carrot from their new Easter line? It's a wand too :)


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