LDN Bloggers Meet 2011

 So after talking to the amazing Emma (blogger & also works for Maggie Angus ) I attended the London Bloggers meet, it was so much fun meeting new bloggers and a nice mix of new bloggers and the old skool. Emma organised it and I have to say she did an amazing job, we also got a cool bag courtesy of Hero & Cape with some goodies from Temporary Secretary (thee amazing Sarah & Niki), Lush goodies which the lovely Laura sorted, Fashion Union and got to try the new collection at Pinkberry also Lauren bought us some Vitamin Water. Better than that was that I loved everyone ! (and got to see Zoe again, we always have such a laugh).

It was so great to be in a room full of bloggers who were on the same wave, while eating cupcakes made by EmmaSafira & Jaymie which were so yummy. I took some sweet packs (I'm a mum, it's what we do) and it didn't even take long to get there it was held just by Hyde Park in a private room in a very nice pub we talked about everything, from using other peoples images on blogs (like what's acceptable) to how bloggers are treated by other bloggers, PR companies and brands. I think the Pinkberry helped, we all got excited to try them and I have to say they are divine I went for The Karl as they had run out of The Henry (which was a hit with everyone)  if you have no idea what Pinkberry are than you have missing out like me. Their a frozen yoghurt company, and have come up with three new ones for Fashion week, The Karl was just what I needed original with blueberries I've tried frozen yoghurt before but this was different really rich in taste .....my new addiction. 

Later once yoghurt had been inhaled we did a meet and greet, which was so sweet like being back at school and everyone shared a bit about themselves we laughed, cried and clapped. I loved that everyone was open and relaxed, I think sometimes at meets/events you can find it hard to be yourself as you feel instantly judged. We are all in talks already to get the next one on a roll, I think it's a great way for us to connect not just through words and photos. I think for new bloggers it's great to know that their not on their own, I think as bloggers we all deal with haters, trouble with layouts, feeling like no one is really reading our blogs. Also that it doesn't matter about who has this amount of readers/ followers/hits, we all blog because we love it and when you meet someone you are seeing them as a person as well as a blogger. 

(all images mine )
I think it has made me even more inspired to blog, and it's nice to hear different ideas and views it opens your perspective more. So anyway a huge Thank you to Temporary Secretary and Hero and Cape, I will treasure my bag and to Lush (can't wait to review my bits) to Fashion Union for the gorgeous necklace and to Pinkberry ( Emma (@emma_oakers) from Frank PR we love you) who will be replacing my Krisp kreme addiction.
But the people I want to thank the most are all the lovely bloggers, so check them out they all have different blogs and are such funny, friendly girls ...well you do always like new read's don't you  ........

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 (these three images are from Emma's blog)


  1. This is such a lovely idea! Sounds constructive as well as fun.

    Helen, x

  2. Oh this looks like such a lovely day, meet ups are so fun! :)

  3. Looks like so much fun, i love all your goodies! xxxxx

  4. Great post... the day looked like a great one! And all the food looks delicious! Cute polaroid.

    Awesome blog


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