Earth Salon Event 2011

I was so happy I could finally attend a Earth Salon event, I missed a few and felt gutted as my hair needs a little TLC okay a lot of TLC. The salon is lovely it has a very warm and friendly feel and I love the details like the plaited curtains in-between work stations, first of all I was treated to a hand massage (always a good start). It was amazing and I was told to relax and enjoy, see I'm not use to relaxing this is a forge in concept to me haha. All the products used for hair are Aveda which just happens to be one of my all time favourites, yes it's a tad pricey but there products work. They have a full range at the front of the Salon, and there is something for every hair type from curly, Afro, damaged and coloured etc .... lets just say they have something for everyone. 

After my hand massage it was on to the hair styling, Kristen sat me down and asked what style I would prefer I said I would love an up do as I don't have the time to play around with my hair. I think most people know when you have a toddler your just thankful not to have food in it, so in a no time at all I went from fizzy mess to red carpet do, Yes eat your heart out Angelia Jolie I'm coming for your designer frock's. 

These photos don't show the detail in this up do but it was amazing, I felt so pretty and talking to Kristen she said I had lovely hair and that I shouldn't worry so much. She said with a regular trim to give it more shape and a good conditioner I would soon see it in a different light, as you know I hate my hair and I think I moaned about it the whole time haha. So to hear that is was not this train wreck and with some added care it could be amazing was great, and made me see that if a hairdresser says it's not nice who am I to argue. 

Than it was on to makeup as I already had some on Yvonne suggested just touching up my skin, I think she could tell that I loved my batwing's too much to have them wiped off. She was so great and give me some great tips, she is part of the Academy Of Freelance Makeup (AOFM). She used Mac foundation (in C1 face & body) on me and now I know what shade really suits my skin, as when I was given samples at Mac it's hard for them to tell what it will look like on, but having a makeup artist apply it I could see this was a spot on shade for me. 

I had to stop myself from drooling over all her makeup she had everything you could want and need. I will be sharing her Winter makeup tips and Tomo's (one of the hairdressers his amazing!) hair Winter tips in another post. Than it was upstairs to there studio for my photo shoot, this is a package deal (The Make over) that they have for customers and I'd say that it would actual be a fab gift to treat someone too (or for yourself).  

I'm in love with Lois's dress by Toi et Moi and her Vivienne Westwood necklace is so cute.

I had to snap Lois's (From Bunni Punch) outfit, I do love a little street style even if we weren't on the street. A big thank you to them both for inviting me and always to all the staff at Earth Salon, I will be returning to have my hair dyed as they have a very strong service and listen to what you want which is something I have struggled to find with other hairdressers. So a huge thank you to Carrot Top PR and the Earth Salon team I will treasure these photos and thanks for making me feel like a star. For more from the event check out their blog, so here is my end result at the photo shoot .

Images taken by Takazumi Photo


  1. Your dress is beautiful. I love your eyeliner too. Really suits you :)

  2. You look fab Law! I'm glad you (and bump) felt so pampered and relax, you deserve it you crazy lady!

    K ox

  3. Love that Vivienne Westwood necklace of hers.

    You look stunning - so jealous of your pamper day!

    Really like how they did your hair and make-up. x

  4. Wow, what an amazing event. I love that they have a whole package deal. I wish we had something like that here. I love your final look (especially your own 'batwings').

  5. you look absolutely gorgeous in these photos! love your make up and the dress is lovely too - i've got the same one in blue! it's always good when a hairdresser listens to what you want and gives you a result you're really happy with too. i worry so much about getting a bad haircut and something i didn't ask for that i've not had my hair cut in almost a year which is terrible!

    you don't happen to know where Lois's dress is from do you? it's gorgeous! x

  6. you look amzing - although i love your hair anyway :) i would love a pamper day like this! x

  7. love ur dress hun, those braided curtains are such a cute idea! looks like you had fun! xx

  8. that salon is AMAZING :D i wanna go,you look gorgeous in your pics :)

    kate xo

  9. The photos are lovely, your hair is gorgeous! Love the plaited curtains in the salon!

  10. You pull off the winged eyeliner so well! I just never mastered it!

    Sarah x


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