Karma & The Carousel

Top: H&M
Dress: Tesco D.I.Y
Sandals: old
Bag & Necklace: Charity shop
Nails: Dainty nails

I totally forget to mention in my last post that after my scan I can reveal I'm having a boy, I think because I said it on twitter I forget to mention it here (Yep me assuming everyone has Twitter). Me and Barry had already decided names so he will be called Logan (we are HUGE Xmen geeks), Corben is still asking for Peppa pig so I think he may get a shock when the baby arrives. 

Me and Barry went to Southbank on Sunday for a nice family day, we have had such bad news over the last few months that it's felt more like being run over and dumped in a ditch by Karma than just knocked down. For those of you new to reading my blog I'm a huge Karma girl, I believe that putting good energy out will bring in back ( I have been through a lot so need all the good karma I can get). So anyway we both have been trying to make our own good energy and are trying to stay positive for each other, I think Barry has been amazing as part of the bad news has changed his life forever. We wanted Corben to see mummy and daddy laughing, cuddling and just being normal he loved it, Barry took him on rides and we had a lovely meal at Giraffe.

Than in the last two weeks I have had great karma, I won a bag from Some Kind Of Style's blog giveaway and got to attend the Earth Salon pamper night (post coming soon). Than after tweeting Look magazine about how crap my life has been (which is putting it nicely) I won tickets for the Look Show! I think this was thanks to all my wonderful friends letting them just how rough it's been, to be honest I have tried to keep it apart from my blog. I want this to be my happy space, but yes I have been down and crying and feeling general like life hates me and doesn't want me to ever be happy.

Than I look at Corben and what a wonderful soul he is, I feel Logan kick and can't believe I have a healthy baby on the way (being sick four times a day for four and a half months makes you count the days till your scan). Than I see Barry and everything his going through, and still he is being a great dad and making sure I'm okay. Life doesn't hate me, it's just hard sometimes really hard and you have to stop and really look at what you do have because you may not always have it. So me and Barry are climbing out of the ditch and dusting each other off, we are going to make our own Karma. Sorry this post is a tad heavy, but I can't lie about things it's not me anyway here are some nice photos have a great weekend love to you all.

Corben is two this month, I still can't believe how fast the time has gone !

(photos by myself and Barry)


  1. Hi. Thanks for replying and following back - I'm actually quite honoured! And thanks for letting me know the nail polish deal is over - oh dear lol, never mind. I have one Model's Own polish already from a giveaway and I agree it's brilliant!

    Great photos, well done on the great karma and good luck with the pregnancy :)

  2. congratulations on having a boy :3 I would be congratulating you if you were havinbg a girl too though tehe XD

    and i love your outfit :) it looks really chic and comfy ^^ the photos look great too :) i hope u keep getting good karma :)

  3. Congratulations on the news that you are having a boy, Logan is a fab name. You are not going to believe this but I actually want to call my child Pepper (peppa) - just because it's cute. But niki was like "it's going to be picked on at school. peppa pig, pepper pot, salt and pepper". So yeah, not a good idea after all. But I am totally with Corben on that one, peppa pig is a cute name!

    I'm sorry to hear that you and Barry have had bad news. Looking at the picture of you here just makes me want to give you two a big HUG!!!! Lots of love to you both. (Enjoy tomorrow! Take lots of photos! Tell me all about it next weekend! I shall see you then, Laura!) I'm really worried I won't be able to recognise anyone in the flesh!!! xxxxxx

  4. love the top ur wearing!!! congratz on the baby boy!!!

  5. Lovley outfit.

    Emma x

  6. Good times surely on their way. xxx

  7. Some stunning photos hun :) You look lovely xxx

  8. I must've missed your tweet, congrats on the blue bump!! Great name choice too. Aww how lovely, you're gonna have 3 gorgeous guys at home with you now ;) xx

  9. Aw, boy is so exciting! (A girl would be too!)
    Corben is gorgeous :)

    (and I LOVE this outfit) x

  10. Sending you LOTS and LOTS of love! If you ever want to chat then you know where I am :) You have such a lovely family and Corben should be proud he has such great parents :)

    Maria xxx

  11. So excited for you having a boy, great news! I know exactly what its like to have devastating news, been trying to get on with things in my life for past few years, thats life I guess, at least you have your family and everyone is well. Love your dress! xxx

  12. yay congrats again and again!! logan is a great name :) i love your top too, its very arty.

  13. Aw, Law, i'm glad things are (sort of) getting back on track and you're going for the positives, you and your little family deserve all the best! You're such an inspiration, keep smiling missus!

    K ox

  14. Awwww love seeing the pics of your little family Corben is sooo cute :)

    And I love this outfit on you. In fact you cant even tell your pregnant in it though I'm not sure if that is a positive or a negative and yay for winning Look Show tix :)

  15. love this outfit honey! It's a boy!!!! YAY ... a lil bro for Corben ... sweet! double trouble .. haha!

    Got some Lookshow tix!! hip hip hurray!! will see you and bump there! ..... be warned I will want to touch the tummy (if that is ok of course!)


  16. Congrats on boy no 2! Your little boy is adorable, he will be a great big brother!

    Love your outfit :)


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