The Tag That Got Away

Age's ago I got tagged by about ten people (sorry I forget who tagged me) and most of the questions, so I thought I would just do a post with a bit about me and make it a tad random I know you lot love the random. I think everyone has done one of these posts, but I never got around to it, and I'm hoping for my new readers it will give you more of an idea about me and my blog. I can't help but think this is like a self interview haha, yep I'm that unloved I'm interviewing myself. So BIG, HUGE thank you to the people who tagged me I know Kitten nails did so thank you. Also a huge thank you to Katie from The Style Bite (great blog) who gave me a shout out in an interview, it means the world to me Katie that you would even think of my blog cheers kitten. So on to my interview, 

Why do you blog?
I don't have one defining reason, I just enjoy sharing I started out blogging to just show friends who were not in the U.K what I had been doing. I think now it's became so much more, I was clueless at the start but now I blog to share my view on things. I am not some uber fashionista, I dress for me I love seeing others style's so I hope they enjoy mine. I love to review products to let people know if something is amazing or rubbish, and I love talking about beauty, events etc....but most of all put humour into it. I'm so thankful that anyone read's it at all to be honest, there are so many blogs now it's crazy. So I guess I blog for my readers too who have always supported me and I love hearing what they think, it's great to connect with people about random things ...I'm very random.

What's your first memory?
Sitting on my mum's bed and holding her hand mirror thinking 'is that me?' it was like magic I was three. I had cropped hair so my mum called me Bettie (like Bettie boop), I always wanted long hair so wished for it in the mirror.

What do you hate/get annoyed by?
So many things it's amazing I can actual be happy, I don't hate much expect people who are ignorant and hateful to others for appearance, colour, sexual etc .... I get more annoyed with things. I can not stand people who cut their nails on public transport, it's just grim and also people who put their bare feet on seats too ...Let's face it public transport is just all round annoying. People who have to up you on everything, if you have done something got something they always have to overshadow it why not be happy for you. This could go on so I'll stop  ...

If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?
Nothing. My life has been bloody hard but without every struggle and every choice I would not be here now. I have a great bloke and our son and now have another son on the way. I don't think everything happens for a reason, but I do believe that you can get through awful things in life and still make one for yourself. 

My wonderful guys

If you had to listen to one song on repeat what would it be?

Oh this is hard! There are just so, so many. Music is in my veins I would have to go for a Tool track called forty six and two (it actual has a really cool meaning as explained in the video), when I saw them perform it live for the first time I wanted to cry it has so much emotional charged energy it makes me feel like flying (if I could) and letting go of everything to just be. I'm a worry wort, and this track helps me stop.

(Actual played this like 10 x while writing this whole post haha)

Who's your fashion icon?
Again very hard question, I'd say my grandmother she always looked so sharp and clean no matter what and she whatever she wore fit her perfectly and she never was without red lipstick (which was ALWAYS perfect). She was from the old school and told me never to buy into trends 'wear what you love', when I was in my hippy/grunge stage she said 'you look a tramp'. I think she hated anything ill fitting and wanted me to embrace my body more, I never realised it than but I think she saw me as a women and couldn't understand why I dressed like a child. She had such beautiful shoes and clothing, she was a very small lady so none of it fit me I do have a necklace my granddad gave to her that she wanted me to have I treasure it. She was a huge believer in buying classic things, and keeping it simple I miss her very much.

All images mine like you would steal these anyway haha

I was going to add more questions in but than had brain freeze, so if there's any random stuff you want to know feel free to comment I will gladly answer. Thank you again for the tag, and to people who have given me awards, I use to have them on my page but they started to take over (yes big head) anyway I would like to tag you lot ....If you want of course if you do it than leave me link so I can read your's :)


  1. I don't think anyone rocks the red lippy as good as you, Laur! And your boys look CUTE in the pic. Sending my love to all 3 of you (3 and a half. Half being the bump!) xxxx

  2. that pic of your man and your wee boy is hilarious! really enjoyed this post, public transport is HELL!!xx

  3. Great post darling, thank you for sharing

    Eda ♥

  4. Oh i wish i could make red lipstick look as good as you do!! :)

  5. This is such a lovely post, i love how much you share :) & Because of how much i admire you, i've nominated you for a blogger award :) Hop on over to to see the details!

    K ox


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