Models Own 50% Off Haul

Orangeade, Magenta Divine, Pink Fizz and Pink Punch

Yes it's a Models Own post, I know, I know everyone is posting what they got from the fab 50 % deal so I thought well I want to share mine too. These are the colours I went for, I think I must have been in a disco kinda mood as I got three glitter ones and one neon. I just thought if I start to get winter blues than some bright polish will keep my spirits high, I'm actual looking forward to A/W (I know I'm crazy) but if I start to get fed up than these are cheery. I didn't do swatches as I will be wearing them soon so will just show you in my outfit posts. Plus I'm sure you have seen a billion, anyway the glitter ones need a 3/4 coats to get them to cover the nail fully but the neon one (pink punch) only needed 2 coats for it to look fab. 

Orangeade is an acid orange glitter and actual looks fab over the top of Pink Punch, like I said you will see in my next posts. Pink Fizz looks amazing on toes, I love that it's a baby pink because it goes with whatever you wear, while Magenta Divine is a great A/W colour but because it's glittery it will be a winner for jazzing up a layered outfit. These were half price but usual Models Own are £5 per bottle, they are big and last a long time so I think they are always worth it. I have already made my next list for what colours I want to add to my growing collection, anyway these are what I got. I think they are well worth having, and they have such a huge range of colours and effects (crackle, pearl, glitter), postage is not too pricey either and they ship internationally too.

What one's did you go for? 

 (photo's taken by my lovely bloke)


  1. i am DYING for orangeade! i can't wait to hear what your thoughts are on these beauties :)

    K ox

  2. Ooh you got such pretty colours! I got a few top up colours, and an eyeliner and this bad boy:

    Enjoy your new polishes

    Amy xxx

  3. Um, I need to buy Pink Fizz right now! It looks gorgeous (: I didn't indulge in the sale, have far too many polishes already, but might sneakily buy Pink Fizz at Boots tomorrow. Hope you, Corben and the bubba are doing well (:

  4. Oh i really like the look of orangeade, but it sold out by the time i went to order, so i'm hoping to see how it looks and then maybe order one when it's back in stock! :)

  5. Oh, beautiful polishes. Especially love the orange glitter one! :)
    I'm in a big need of buying some new ones. I'm one of those people who has too many of them, then there comes a stage when half of them get dry and old and I have to throw everything away. xD So, I need to get to that first stage again. :P

  6. Pink Fizz looks so nice, as does orangeade! I want!
    I blogged about my haul at the weekend too and I have really enjoyed seeing what everyone has bought! x

  7. Love love love the colours you chose!

  8. AMAZING choice. i loveee every single one x

  9. These photos and nail polishes look wonderful! I wasn't aware of this offer but I might give it a try :)


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