Tuxedo Nails & Floral Blue

Nails: Dainty Nail shop
So if you read my new Blog shop feature you would have seen  these wonderful nails already, if you missed it than slap yourself on the wrist and head over to Dainty Nails shop now to pick up your own tuxedo nails among other designers. They are so worth the money, they are not only fab in design but come with glue and I think they are so well priced there isn't an excuse not too. I am so in love with these that I am going to get Charlene (the brains behind the shop) to make me a special set for an important event. 

I loved that they came so quickly and she even includes instructions, so if you have never tried false nails you have everything you need to know. I love nail art but don't always have the time to do detailed nails, so this really is a life saver it means I have fab nails and more time to spend with my son. I would say if you are on a shoe string, these are amazing no forking out £40 to just have them painted just stick them on and go. Perfect if you ask me. Charlene also has a fab blog filled with fashion etc. ...well worth a read.

Jumper: Charity shop
Dress, Leggings, necklace & boots : Primark
Ring with gem's now missing :( Accessorize

So this was one of my finds from last month this ace blue floral sweater, I love oversized tops at the moment. For those of you who don't know I'm five months pregnant and they are just so easy to wear, and I don't do the belly out look. I have noticed this graphic style print in all the shops, Topshop have this one which I love but can't afford. So my charity shop £3.50 find is perfect, and I will wear this a lot during A/W (which lets face it is here).


  1. What a lovely jumper, it does look just like the kind of thing you'd find in topshop!
    And the nails are so cute - I wish i knew anything about false nails, I'm sure i'd be hopeless with them though!

  2. wow gorgeous ring! love ur top too! and of course those nails are wicked! xxx

  3. oh my god, I can't belive these are false...they look so gorgeous!

    this would be excellent for me as well, I just had to cut off al my nails, I've never had them this long in my entire life and now they started to break, so I'd just cut them all off... :/ but I must admit I have lots more of inspiration while my nails are short...I always think "let's at least make them funky" :D

    it's a gorgeous floral top and I love the necklace :)

  4. i love the nails they look great and i love your ring :)

  5. Your nails are really cute, first time I've seen someone do that! Love the outfit- especially that top!


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