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If you have never heard of Charlene from Dainty Dresses, than where have you been there's a very good reason for her being on my blog list ( AKA my must reads). Not only is her blog full of fashion, outfit posts and beautiful photography but now she is sharing her nail art skills. Fear not ladies, suck at nail art no worries check out her amazing blog shop!

No more spending hours trying to recreate a look you have seen on everyone's blog, for as little as £5 (yes I know utterly worth it) you can have amazing, cool fun nails for your big night out or just to look fab everyday a great way to get that perfect 2011 nail trend spot on. They are already a hit with many blogs and I'm even going to get some, I love nail art but don't always have time this is the perfect way to get the look in speedy time. I'm even thinking of stocking up soon to give them as stocking fillers for Christmas (yes I know it's early, but than it's less stressful)  anyway if nails aren't your thing still check out her blog she has an amazing recipe for peanut butter Oreo cheesecakes ...errr YES PLEASE. Have a look here 

I heart these ones

Each set of nails costs just £5 and contains 12 false nails making them a good fit for most nail sizes. A bottle of nail glue is also included, as is a set of application instructions. And if you remove the nails carefully it's possible to reuse them. 

You can read more about it on my info page, I'd love to hear what you think!

You can also like Dainty Nails on Facebook for the latest updates and discount codes!

Images: Dainty Nails


  1. They tuxedo ones are awesome! I love the cupcake ones too - so cute! The cupcake colours are very pretty! me and my little sis tried to do them (from Cupcake Clothes's blog tutorial) but we failed miserably!!! Might have to buy myself some of these instead! x

  2. Yeah why not they are so worth the money, and they are perfect for if you are busy (which I know you are) you could wear some to the Look Show :)

  3. haha, how fabulous and what a great idea! looks like fun to wear for a day or two! adore the same ones! xoxo

    Now you can Win a Goodie Blog 'Bag' of your choice over my Blog, take a look lovely ...


  4. you do know the cupcake nails are almost EXACTLY the same as

    I just think that's a bit lazy IMO

  5. I have to say the cupcake design is standard and I'm sure lots of blog shops have it. I still think her shop is amazing and I know most of my readers love her designers, I wouldn't say it's lazy it just happens. You will always see similar nail trends, as you do with people selling jewellry in blog shops. I wish the best for both their shops :)

  6. I agree I think you will get a cross over, I love these designers and it's cheap and being a student they are perfect for me. I want the lastest nail look without paying out a crazy amount of money.
    I have seen that cupcake look everywhere, still I can't do it but if I want it at least I could just buy some. To me there's not really anything 'new' anyway regards nails, I think for a lot of black girls growing up our mum's always had nail art.
    Thanks for sharing this shop, I like this new post :)
    I miss your style files, will you be doing them again soon please. Chai x


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