Hyper Japan Part 2: Eye Spy With Tabio

Tokyo Fixed

Finally the other half of my Hyper Japan experience, so my first stop was Tokyo Fixed I think living in London for so long has made me more aware just how rubbish London transport is and that more people are getting back into bikes. Yes people do have cars but when it's a sunny day and you want to take in the city, than riding through the city can give you fresh eyes to all the sights you see. I love this shop they have really funky accessorises and unlike most bike shops there it's more urban, I think they are making bike wear and bikes cool again check them out here.

Tokyo Fixed started as a web only shop in Tokyo, 2006. We opened our shop front in the heart of London’s Soho in November 2009. We choose products from all over the world. We choose clothing not only for cycling but for cycling people. We look for small quality brands who have a passion for both style and function. The same goes for the cycle and cycle accessories brands we stock. We also specialise in building custom bikes of any style and making people’s bicycle ideas come to life. We can accept orders and commissions for custom builds from where ever you live Via our website tokyofixedgear.com. Come check us out and let our vast array of product and expertise do the talking.

Top: PIPEROID (Paper craft)
Bottom: Doki Japanese tableware

Genki Gear

One of the nicest couples ever, I love Genki Gear I am a sucker for a funny yet cute tee and they have something for everyone. I was more than happy when they gave me one (will show you in an outfit post soon), I got the guys tee as I prefer the cut but the women's are a skinny fit so look good in all the right places.  

I adore Phil's humour which he expresses in the designs of the T-shirts and I like that these can be for both male and female, a lot of t-shirts brands forget that women have humour just as much as blokes and not all of us like over the top girly prints (Note the 'rah' tee, one of my favourites). Phil design's them and is inspired by Japanese cartoons, which is even more reason to adore them. I think a good quality T-shirt can be dressed up or down I have been wearing mine with skirts, jeans and to bed (it's my current fave).
They also have a small range of kids wear, they print all their t-shirts in the U.K and it's great that they are based here as everything seems to be imported these days. Anyway if your a T-shirt fan than check them out .......

Genki Gear we take the great style of Japanese culture, Anime, Sci-fi and gaming and mix with our own unique "Genki" twist.
Our first range was launched in Jan '06 and we are still going strong, ensuring that our range follows our ideal of showcasing original fun and quirky designs. We take pride in all our range working with the highest quality products and then using silkscreen printing to produce great quality garments. We have recently launched our new gift range and have a great selection of mugs, badges and greetings cards all produced using the same high standards that we use for all Genki Gear products.
We feature some great designs from partner and artist Phil plus artists from across the UK Manga and Comic industries such as Al Davison (The Astral Gypsy), Jess Bradley and Robert Rankin.

 Now Voyager

Felicity with Shake up Make up

I run over to Felicity stand not just because of her cool style, but because I just loved her stall I had seen her site not to long ago on a night surfing the net and loved all the quirky, cool hair accessorises. Her stand had everything, I mean EVERYTHING you could ever want to have in your hair, flowers, birds even cakes. I like the fact it's all made by hand and that her and her team adore what they do, she run's it with her sister Jess and they try to cover all the art and craft fairs (who knows you may have met them yourself). Anyway if you have weddings to go to, birthdays etc than this is a great site as it's a bit different than just wearing a hat and they have some gorgeous mini hats if you need one again a great talking piece as any wedding guest. I adore Now Voyager and hope to see more girls wearing their bright, happy, fun hair pieces to jazz up our city streets.

We at Now, Voyager believe every single lady has the right to look pin-up gorgeous everyday of the week and that right should be fun and affordable! We are two sisters, Felicity and Jess, with two very different styles but exactly the same style ethic: style is conviction and we do not believe in compromise. If you don’t believe you look fabulous, why should anyone else? We began our travels up and down the UK with craft & vintage fairs, festivals such as Lovebox & Vintage at Goodwood, plus tattoo & manga conventions in December 2009. We are most known for travelling with Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. Felicity hand makes all of our hair accessories with her inspiration coming from the teens of Harajuku to the pin-ups of today’s 40s/50s revival scene. Though miles apart, their complete dedication to achieving a look is commendable. Felicity does have some happy helpers for times of peak trade-phew!

Satoshi Date/ DOI / Arisa Fukumoto

Some amazing up and coming designers that you should keep a look out for, they are made by hand and I can see them being well know in the future.

Top: Ian Cheung from Yutaka  
who showed me how to make sushi, and also didn't mind me eating half their samples! Haha 
Bottom:JP- Books at regent street

Part three will be up next week, as I didn't want to overload your minds with information and photos. I had such a great time and spoke with so many people, I have chosen the ones I know you lot will love. In the next post I have all the charity support that was happening at the event and I am still putting together the YouTube video (still need to post my Comic Con one), so thank you for baring with me and I will post them up as soon as possible. (not sure why some of these photos are burnt out I am sorry for my crap photography slap my hand).


  1. you are in Japan? Omg, I envy you so much. Great photos!! Cant wait to see more!

  2. No wish I was :( this was an event in London I attended a while ago, I have not been blogging so posting it all now. Yes I have more photos etc :)

  3. It all looks so amazing!

    Emma x

  4. This is too awesome to comprehend right now 0.o so many goodies :3



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