ASOS Perfect Tee Collection

Being pregnant makes shopping rather boring, yes I know we have heaps of ranges to choose from but everything I actual want to wear just doesn't look right. One item that never fail's me is a good Tee, so when I was looking at things I can't afford at the moment (saving as it's my son's birthday next month)
I had to share these top's from ASOS, they are all £18.00 each but I always think that a good T-shirt will be in your wardrobe for ages. I really like the mix of prints they have, the fox mask is really cool and I like the girly face one I think whatever your shape, height, style everyone should a good T-shirt in their wardrobe they are the perfect causal plus. I have been wearing mine tucked into skirts, but I do love just throwing one on with jeans (don't knock a classic look).


  1. These are all very cute, i like it!
    Have you seen Hero&Cape's collection of tees? They're all drawn and each one is traditional screen printed by graphic designer, Niki. ( I designed one too - will blog about it at some point! But do check out their lookbook, i was the stylist for it! :) Hope you like it.

    Hope you and the family are well xoxo

  2. The rain cloud tee is pretty cool!

  3. so adorable!

    Helen, X


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