Date Night : Inamo & The Fearne Dress

Dress c/o Very: Fearne Cotton for
Collar: c/o By JAM
Finally got to wear my Fearne Cotton dress, I love this dress so much and knew it would look perfect with my JAM collar it was a little doll like but I felt comfortable. The weather is so crazy still that I throw on boots instead of pumps, not worth a night out in soaking pumps anyway ....

Sunday me and Barry had our date night, we were joined by the gorgeous Lucinda and her husband James as we all get on so well and have a laugh. Me and Luci have our girly chat and James and Baz chat about man stuff haha, anyway we were going to see a film but than were having such a laugh (mainly at seeing a huge cockroach in a pub) thought we would just go for something to eat and go for drinks. Of course we didn't eat at that pub and headed to Soho. Thanks to Lucinda (who stumbled upon this amazing place) we enjoyed a very cool evening at a place in Soho called Inamo, it has projector screen dinning tables with track pads to order your meal .....Yes you read that correctly no more having to wait around, at a click of your button (on your table) you can choose your drinks, main sides they even have a mini game you can play while you wait for food and chef cam so you can watch were the magic happens.

 Our amazing table

The food was delicious, I had vegetarian dishes as I have to be careful what I eat (another fun part of pregnancy) usually you get something really boring so when it came I was impressed not only did it look like a little brunch of flowers but it tasted so fresh and was bursting with flavour. Lucinda, James and Barry were also impressed with their dishes and   we all cleared our plates. I had the cherry fizz to drink which was sweet and like candy in a glass I could have drunk about 10 more, but feared I may go into a sugar coma.
The portions are small but the detail and taste of the food was so perfect, I would say order rice to as it won't take from the flavours but will fill you up. 

I loved being able to change the photos that were on the table, and being able to just click for what we all wanted meant we could chat more and didn't even have to ask for the bill. Nope in one click you can request to pay your bill, overall I would say this was a 10/10 for me. The service is quick because the staff can grab food from the kitchen, rather than having to wait while you decide what you want. It's a stress free feeling, staff were happy and relaxed and that will always make your time in a place better than trying to flag your napkin for attention. 

Me & Lucinda

We than went for drinks to chat and have a laugh, it's always so great to be out with Lucinda and James they get our humour and Lucinda looks after kids so can relate to me on the stress front. A huge thanks to Natalie (one of my BFF, and the mum of Corben's girlfriends haha her two girls) who looked after Corben and is always there to give me and Barry some time together. Trust me it's a godsend having friends who give you the best gift which is time! So thank you hunni.


  1. This looks and sounds great Laur, will have to go here when me and Dey are next in London! xxxx

  2. huge fan of the dress, especially with the collar! and the boots work really well, giving it that edge! gorgeous x

  3. Cool restaurant! You look stunning in red honey! xoxo

  4. i love your dress and you look great and i love the collar too :) the food looks so delicious!

  5. Oh my goodness, the good pics!!!! Laura, seeing these pics have made me happy. nothing better than food pics on blogs! x

  6. Wow that restaurant sounds really cool and the food looks yummy. I am a vegetarian!
    Your dress looks so pretty and I love the boots (so good choice on no pumps).

  7. love the red dress ur wearing!!! the sushi looks amazing!

  8. Love the dress, the colours is gorgeous!! xxx

  9. This place looks and sounds amazing! If only they had one in Glasgow! x


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