Bring On Friday Already

Cardigan: EBay vintage
Dress: Primark
Boots: Primark
Flower, belt and necklace: H&M

Hello my lovely's thank you for all your comments, you lot really cheer me up and I need it sometimes. Christmas is just strange this year not sure why, even with the stupid Christmas music in shops and everyone getting excited it just doesn't feel like Christmas yet. So I can not wait for it to be Friday already as I will be going out, it's my first night out in months so I am looking forward to dressing up ( putting on some kooky makeup) and having a good catch up with everyone. I need to just be out and have a laugh, I use to be a party, party girl and it's been weird going from that to having my son and not going out. Now I'm not as party as I use to be because I have changed (yep, sorry but kids do that to you) but the odd night out is good. 

What you wearing to your Christmas Parties?

Well maybe you could get advise off this guy, he has got his own show on Sky  HARALD GLÖÖCKLER  who is a fashion designer and I think the inspiration for Bruno ....well have a look  ..see what I'm saying. This guy seems like a diva so I know I will love this show, as at least he is up front and open about it not pretending like a lot of 'celebs' that they are really just like us. If you have a look at his work (fashion, not the art) he is actually very talented. I think I am already weirdly a bit of a fan ........................ 

                                                  Image found here

Check him out in his new show: Prince of Fashion

Have you ever heard of him?

This was the Christmas tree before my son (who's only 14 months) decided to chew it and ripped everything off, so we had to take it down. So I hope next year we will be able to enjoy a tree for more than a week, I'm such he will wreck it even more next year.

So here are the photo's from some of my make up haul from Superdrug (I made a You Tube video with them see here). I love the Gosh nail polish in Frou Frou it's great for people who hate glitter and want something glam but maybe a bit more grown up. 

The beauty Uk polish was okay, it look's different on (I will post pictures and I will be doing some nail polish/vanish reviews as I have a lot I love and hate) ...this one only cost a £1 ..I think anyway it's not great. 

The lipstick is also from Superdrug and is in the M.U.A range were everything is only a £1, the lipstick is great even if you don't get loads in it. The Rimmel foundation is really great, it gives great even coverage and I will be buying it again. So like I said will post up photo's of them on and will tell you more about them, as I got some great buys I also got the new Sleek palette in 'Sparkle' which you can see here.

So I hope you are all well and I will have outfit posts this week for you, so that will be fun I still have get a heap to do on my 'to do' I won't even go there or I may have to scream into a pillow. 


  1. Looking lovely my dear :)
    Glad you will be able to let your hair down on Friday, it's always nice to have something to look forward to. At least you have a child to justify your non-partying ways. I am such a boring cow! Just sit in watching TV with the boyf all the time, or have mates round, I never go out anymore. Must remedy this in 2011! Or not. I think I'm a pretty happy hermit really!
    Looking forward to seeing some nail varnish reviews, it's always good to know what to avoid!

  2. i just love that necklace!


  3. Dear Law,

    Why do you have to look so adorable? I kill you. :)) Kidding of course! :P Those are such great steals! :) Funny thing is that I just bought the same flower hairpiece at H&M today. MWAHAHA!

    When you told me about the 50s look, I finally found the courage to take on the challenge and purchase items for it. I found a new great store too! I can't wait to dress pin-up inspired every single daaay. <3

    Fridaaay! You have to whip your hair back and forth. lol. Have a splendid time and happy holidays! :)

  4. cute outfit :)
    love it! I think the weekends go to fast as it is, but when it gets to monday- Im happy for it to wizz through the week. I have my xmas party on Thursday night though, so Im looking forward to that xx

  5. I love your dress, I think I should visit Primark to get one like that, love it! :D
    I have been out this days, exams don't let me live hehe


  6. Love the outfit and I want your cardi! I love a cardi!!

    Your poor tree :( hee hee!


  7. That nail polish looks awesome! Love a bit of GOSH :) xx

  8. i love your outfit! your one of those people who are just effortlessly cool haha. :)

  9. I really like that polka dot cardi. It looks cute on you! Sorry to hear about your Christmas tree! Hopefully next year your son enjoys it more!

  10. you look stunning here!
    love the print on the dress !

  11. You look great missus :) and I'm glad youre looking forward to your night out - to be honest I think its better only having nights out now and again! Through uni I went out 2 or 3 times a week and the thought of that now actually makes me feel sick. dunno how I could afford it never mind be bothered to do it. I have never heard of Harald before but he looks like quite the character :p xx

  12. love your dress. you always have such great style.
    your tree was beautiful but better safe than sorry. i know the family i used to nanny for couldn't have their trip up when their son was that age. He should be fine around it by next christmas.

  13. You look great! I love the pattern on the dress. :))
    Haha, I must say I did suck on this festive atmosphere just two days ago, when I went shopping and those Christmas songs and stuff just got in my head. Pathetic, I know. :D Now I can't wait to decorate the Christmas tree, I'm sorry yours didn't last. But that must've been funny though! :D:D
    Still figuring what to wear to the parties, but it's so freaking cold outside, that I can't even think about STYLE, I just want to wear 5 sweaters all the time. :|


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