A Star For Christmas

So I got this jumper ages ago and I still love it, it reminds me of the last Jeremy scott collection. I love red and black together and the fact that it's striped makes me love it even more, I total forget that I took these and found them in my pictures folder and laughed so i wanted to share them. I was a little addicted to victory rolls, I am hating my hair at the moment so have not really done anything with it ....some people asked me ages ago how to do victory rolls, they are really easy and you tube have loads of videos on how too, just type in victory rolls they have soooo many.

So I can't believe it is just a couple of weeks before christmas it's mental I need to wrap mine, so all over the place this year. Not feeling very festive yet, I really should stop reading the paper and watching news it just seems to get me down that what people do to one another. I think I'm going to focus on what people do for people, because it's easy to forget peoples hard work over Christmas like Help the aged:

They have an event for Christmas called 'A Star For Christmas'
I think it's such a great idea as it's something fun and social and you are helping a charity to here is some information from their website. I'm sure there are loads more events happening to support charities this Christmas, this is way better than just putting some money in a pot (I don't always trust collectors ...I know I'm weird) so check it out:

Tickets are available now! Email or call 020 7239 1922.
A Star for Christmas 2010 promises to be our most enchanting yet. With the combination of Christmas carols, choirs, celebrity performances and the knowledge that you have supported a fantastic cause, a Star for Christmas truly captures the essence of Christmas.

Join us in London on Thursday 9 December 2010, 6.30pm at St Pancras Church, Euston Road

opens link in new window Book London Star for Christmas  (sorry on this one, has already happened, there are loads more events happening go to the site :)

Join us in Manchester on Sunday 19 December 2010, 1.30pm at Manchester Cathedral

Past celebrity readers have included Roger Moore, Catherine Tate and Lionel Blair, and previous choirs have included the Fron Male Voice Choir. Keep visiting this page to be the first to know who will be appearing this year.

Purchase your tickets

Tickets are priced at £20 (£10 concessions)  
Book now by downloading the booking form, email events@ageuk.org.uk or call 0207 239 1922.

Jumper: H&M ages ago
Necklace: H7M (current)
Glasses: Bricklane

My latest you tube video:

So thank you to the people who left comments on the protest post, I wish others had their say as A LOT of peeps viewed it but did not leave anything. Still I hope that it made everyone think and see the bigger picture. Anyway am still catching up on blog reading xxx


  1. you look fab, i think im going to try the victory rolls! i so agree on what you said about the news ... people needed to start looking out for people!
    please follow me

  2. Love the hair loads! I wanna try doing victory rolls! xxxxxxx

  3. Love the red and black striped jumper! My friend used to have one just like it and the colour combination always reminds me of her! It's so punk, I love it.

    Also yes agreed about the protest. It makes me so sad that they made the decision to raise the tuition fees but some protesters obviously took a few things into their own hands and ruined it for the majority.

  4. too late :( but boy the sweater is AMAZING. i love red and black and most of all i love stripes. fantastic buy!!!


  5. that jumper looks so warm and snug!

  6. You look great missus :) I am very much enjoying your hair! and i know what you mean about people collecting money, lol youre not wierd at all for thinking that! I am going to a charity movie night tomorrow organised by a friend. i prefer things like that because you know your money is going STRAIGHT to the source of where its needed ♥ xx

  7. Love the hair chick! I love victory rolls - super cute! xx

  8. My friend has that orange sweater! I thought she made it lol! xo Camille @ nevernaked.blogspot.com

  9. beautiful sweater!! :)) if I wouldn't read that it's from H&M I would of thought that it's vintage! (I mean it in a good way :D I love vintage!)
    oh and I must say that I adore victory rolls!! tried to do them once & loved it :D but then I shaved the left part of my head, so I can't really do them properly anymore xD or can I? maybe an idea for my next look... :))

  10. Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

    - Robson

  11. You look very much like Amanda Palmer, I have to admit! :)

  12. i LOVE your sweater! it looks exactly as the ideal sweater of my dreams haha) and great blog too!


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