Fight For Your Right Or Just In It Too Fight

So if you have not heard there have been student protest's in the U.K, after are truly 'wonderful' (yeah okay) government have raised the cost of tuition fees it seems they want to make it near impossible for anyone who is not mega rich to have an education. Now I won't sugar coat this post, so DON'T READ this if you don't have a wide view on things because there are many sides to this. Now consider without protest women would have never had the rights we have now to vote etc, Martin Luther king would never of said 'I have a dream' and had it come true and if we did not take a stand would we never have won two wars and what would it be like now.

Everyone has a right to voice and have their say, yes it is totally stupid that students have to pay what they are asking. How can someone study at the level needed to get their degree if them have to work three jobs etc ..... Yes everyone has a right to an education, a lot of teenagers are already in this 'celeb' soaked culture, college and university can show them there is more to life than dreaming of being on X factor or a big brother style show. They can meet a mix of people they may never normal met, it can show them that they have the brains and may keep them from getting in with the wrong type of crowds who
don't care about anything that's going on in the world that does not involve Celebs  (I am not saying that if you never went that you are dumb or a thief ...but these places can widen your perspective.) 

Getting a education is meant to help you get a job too, but the way things are going I don't know how true this will be ...but surly some people from like me a working class background can try and better themselves and know that knowledge is classless and anyone can apply themselves. I never dreamed of going to uni, my mother was a single parent and it seemed impossible was, I worked two jobs, cared for my mother part time and had just met my boyfriend but to be honest everyone was working at uni. We just had to get on with it.

The fee's would mean that some won't even get the chance to get there and work and study ........which is WRONG!

So what to do ....Protest of course get your voice heard. So at the protest you have the students who want their voices heard, some are peaceful and some are angry. Than you have what I can only describe as idiots who just want to fight, they have no interest in education and what to vent there bitter, angry on police and places. Than there are the police, they have been sent in to do there job, at the same time some get the 'ego' and abuse there position .......


Not a protest, out right mania ! The students voice is drown out by the 'idiots' smashing windows that may I add the tax payer will pay for, not the way to get people on your side. Plus and I need to stay calm while typing this, they defaced a statue of Winston Churchill, you may say 'so what' and if you do  you need to think are fighting for an education, but you deface a symbol of history, that statue represents the people died who and stand up for our freedom so that you could have a bloody education and your Xbox, or Ps3. I say this because I heard someone say I wonder how they made up such a great story for the first two ' CALL OF DUTY' ....Sorry but pick up a fucking history book and READ !!! aaaarggghhh !

 Yeah pissing up the side of Churchill, fucking idiot !!!! If I were your mother I would be so ashamed if these  animals were my kid's ! I love how they cover their faces ...clearly not protesting with any conviction !

Like I say I don't think these people (the pretend protester know as idiots) where fighting for education, they must have also known the complete and utter twat that throw a can of paint at Prince Charles car I'm not saying I love this man, but in other countries if you attacked a member of the royalty family you would be shoot dead and no one would care ...I'm not even joking !
For someone who wants an education maybe you should have not touch the car with your hand as they now have a print of it on the car #MajorFail

So police are fighting keeping students back but than charging them on horses ! Not cool at all some people are peaceful and not everyone is violent but as the violence takes over who is who, everything is getting tight the media are jumping everywhere taking pictures to which the idiots are acting up too. Mean while the people who want there message heard must have been so scared, on one side they have idiots pushing them towards police on the other the police trying to do there job (and same just getting carried away) keeping them back. 

Charging on horse's really not cool, when not everyone was being violent.

Thankful I think the peaceful ones felt the vibe and went home, the idiots decide to go attack Topshop on Oxford circus (this upset me as I use to work there and have a heap of friends there ...just trying to do there job at the time of them smashing windows).
Window's are smashed and tourists are catch in the middle of this ...I mean came on if you what on holiday and this happened you would be pissed off.

Than police block in people who where on protest near Big Ben on to Westminster bridge, yes there are more than likely innocent people who just want to get home, but there are also A LOT of trouble makers ....should the idiots just do as they want smash want they want .....I don't think so.

So at the end of it all, I feel sorry for everyone (apart from the idiots) the students now have lost their message as all the news and papers will talk about is the 'idiots'. A lot of people will amuse that everyone wants to fight and not that they want change ! The police are made out to be the bad guys, because than people forget that really it's the government, I mean the police aren't hiking up student fees, they have to protect the 'power' it's there job ...same as if you were being attacked hopeful they would help you. Which is another point, that while the protest has been happening I'm sure other crimes and attacks where happening around London, so others were put in danger. We do have to take in the other effects of their absence on the streets.

Police have a tough job and no one ever gives them credit we always focus on those idiot copper's who get an ego. Once again David and Nick defocus people, they want the violence it means they can drown the message, they love that the police are the bad guys they can run and hide. 

Happy fucking Christmas idiots burn tree and other stuff that the tax payer will foot the bill for ..thanks !

So my view is I believe that you should protest, you have a right to have your voice heard, but when you became violent it's pointless it destroys the 'dream' it takes away from your message and lets people use it against you. Whatever happen to the power of a signature , call me old fashioned but once upon a time if you had enough some laws changed, some things stopped and some things where allowed. I truly hope that the fee's are lower, but defacing your city is not the answer after all it's always us to pay not the government.

Police actual helping a protester to safer, see they are not all ego beating power drunk people.

Images: you can read their actual here.

This is a quote from the article about the idiot pissing on the statue which I think hit the nail on the head, and up set me the most !

Nearby, two masked men tried to smash a window in the Treasury building in an apparent attempt to storm it. A protester scrawled ‘F*** fees’ on a wall.
But it was the desecration of the Cenotaph which broke all taboos. Four weeks ago I stood here to watch thousands pay their respects to those who died in two world wars, and to remember in prayer those who gave their lives in conflicts that followed. 
All that meant nothing to the dark-haired figure who climbed the base of the monument – using the inscription on a bronze plaque as a foothold. Someone else stole a flag from the monument.
If anyone had planned this as a strategy to cause outrage, it could hardly have been more disrespectful. More likely, it simply symbolised the mindlessness of home-grown extremists intent on rising against the establishment. 
Quite what the political significance might be of setting fire to the Trafalgar Square tree must remain a mystery.

I hope none of you were hurt and I am so pleased that some MP's like the amazing Simon Hughes (he is my local MP and get my mother her flat when she became a single parent) are behind this and saying no to fee's can make a difference you will make the difference with your voice, not your fist.

What do you think?

Also adding in some videos from Russia today, if you watch this news channel you will know that they cover all news from every side much better than others. They don't have just one story, they show you everything.


I also have including a student perspective, so no one can say this is one sided:


  1. This was a very insightful read, thanks for your sharing your thoughts!

  2. While the RT videos were interesting, I would warn against calling it a balanced news source.

  3. The pictures and videos just make it all feel so much closer to home :( I really dont know what to think about it all right now. When it comes to politics, I find it hard to communicate my opinion. because I know I'm not 100% clued up on everything - and lets face it, you cant always believe what you read in the media. So I end up just keeping it to myself! but these pictures cant lie. looks like absolute chaos :( xx

  4. Thanks for the comments my dears.
    @Ayden yeah I know it's very tricky as everyone has a strong view and people seem to always bring new facts to the table so it can be confusing. I just wanted to express that I do support for lower fees but what happen and what it became was wrong and should it have got to this level. Thank you again Hun.

    @ anon well have you ever watched RT? If you had you would know that out of all the news channels it's the one that gives the wide view on things. Did you read the whole post? That's why I included the student video, like I said in the post this has many sides. Thank you for your input.

  5. I totally agree with you. The fees are going to be stupidly expensive and now mean i could never afford to go to uni. But violence isn't going to change the governments mind. My sister has been to the protests, she was one of the peaceful protesters and whilst she was there no violence went on but in the media it is all being over shadowed so the students aren't exactly going to have a very respectable image which is a real shame because most of them aren't being violent they just want to be heard.

    I love hearing peoples opinions on topics like this.

  6. I can't believe more people haven't commented on this!? What an insightful and well expressed presentation of how I think many people feel. Myself included. I'm a student but would never have been able to go to university in England four years ago, and would moat certainly not be able to go now with these new fee cap at £9000. I wholeheartedly support the peaceful and organised protest but completely condem those utter idiots who chose to be violent and disrespectful. It totally undermines the whole argument, and students already have a crap reputation. Older generations watch scenes like this and tut - and the responsible voice of the students is instantly lost. I can understand the anger an strength of feeling totally, but couldn't thes students have engaged their brains before their fists? None of us voted for this, but have some respect and intelligence to make the point properly. Xx

  7. these people are scumbags and give young people and normal protesters a bad name.

    it's only money! everyone will have to pay anways

  8. @Chloe thanks for this comment, I loved this. The fact your sister (peaceful protester) was there and what you have said about the media, in todays papers it just focused on Charles which was wrong (what happened), but at the same time what about everything else. Thanks agin hun for the comment x

  9. @ Matt so true and it's a shame that they ruined the message that the students were trying to get across ..and yes we will all suffer the cuts, but it's sad that the working class always get the shit end of the stick. I think the middle class with struggle because they are not use to 'the real world' sorry but it's true there is poor and than there is POOR. Working class kids will once again be forced to take jobs they hate or just end up on the benefits.

    It's shit because there are no jobs they are cutting benefits and I think the elderly are just being swiped under the carpet (I think they should protest poor things :( but if we don't make the cuts we may end up like Ireland it's a viscous circle.

    @ Kirsty
    Thank you for this comment I actual clapped it. i agree everyone seemed so upset on this so I was hoping this would be a great outlet for everyone on all sides to let rip on this and have their say. I love what you said at the end and about the older people, I think people forget that they what to war for us to have freedom and it must have been a slap in the face for what they did. I mean the youths pissing on the statue may as well have gone on remembrance day and did it directly on the ventures. I think that also something that is happening with in education is that it seems to end at school ....what is happening at home ! I think that if someone is coming from ignorant parents(ones who just watch TV and are happy to be stupid) than uni and that can be an escape from them. People forget that some teenagers don't have a great home life, I knew a girl at uni who had three jobs to get her degree and it was the only way she would get out of her home.

    Her parents did not want her to have an education, which is sad that they never pushed her at all. If this had happened now I and her would have never been able to further ourselves. I still have my student loan to pay back but if I had this on top I would have left it. I would never have proved to myself and people who bullied me that I was worth an education.

    Maybe if education was accessible than we would have parents raising there kids better too, I mean education is on the back burner and now teens are stabbing each other and are more violent than every. I think that uni can teach people more social skills and show people how to look after themselves so they can become more rounded people ...anyway enough of my rant.

    I'm sure the idiots have never even been to school and don't even have the grades to get into uni, if they do they have fucked themselves now ..there are so many photos it is stupid. Anyway thanks again x

  10. Hi there - only just seen this, but wanted to say that I completely agree with you. I feel so sorry for the thousands of peacefully protesting students who were caught up by the actions of a few anarchist individuals who've probably got nothing to do with the fees protests - they just want to cause trouble.

    And I think it is disgusting that the ConDem government have put such a high price on education. When I first went to uni at 18 I was the last year to benefit from completely free education. And I had the luxury at that time to realise I had made a terrible mistake some way into my course and to drop out (which was the best decision I ever made) without crippling debts. When I found out what I actually wanted to do with my life, I was able to go back to uni and pay for the fees myself. At around £1000 per year, they weren't cheap, but I could save up and pay for them without getting myself into horrific debts. But at £9,000 per year, and that is just for the fees, let alone anything else, there is absolutely no way I would've got, whether I was 18 or 80. It's totally restricting education to the very wealthy and saddling young people with debts for the rest of their lives. It's shocking.



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