Sparkle With Sleek Makeup

So here are the colours in the Sleek makeup 'Sparkle' palette. So I got the latest Sleek makeup Palette 'Sparkle' and at first I was not sure about the colour choices, but after thinking about Christmas and wine and food it is very festive. I made a video, sorry for my rambling and that it's not fancy just me talking about how much I love this edition. I have a few of their palettes now and I love them all, you can get so many different looks from just one as they hold 12 colours each. 

Sparkle is great for all skin types as you can combine the different for pale, olive or dark skin which is rare as I find that they don't always work for everyone (which is something that some makeup company's forget !). So today I wore the blue shades and I call this look 'Blizzard' , as it's so cold my eyelids are actually blue underneath.

Sparkle is £5:99 so it won't break the bank and the shadows are very good quality and last all day with any creases, also would be great for stocking fillers for the fussy best friend, the sister who likes to party or the mother who never has any 'me' time. I'm the mother :P I don't get any real time for me during the day, so I love to play with makeup and just feel a little glam. Do you have this palette, what do you think about it? So I hope you enjoy this and thank you for all your wonderful comments as always you guys really do rock.


  1. Really like this palette, i dont think eyeshadow suits me, but i may purchase this for a friend or even for myself to try out some tyes. thanks for the info on it :) x

  2. What a beautiful palette!!! I have never tried Sleek...but, this palette looks amazing! :)

  3. gorgeous colors in that palette! you have such a great blog! :)

    im going to follow you. i hope you can follow me back ^-^


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