My So Called Life

Jumper: car boot sale for 50p !!!
Dress worn underneath: Primark
Leggings: Tesco
Boots: Dr Martens
Belt: H&M
Hat: Accessorize
Coat: Faux fur vintage

So this was yesterday when it was still snowing, and cold it has turned to slush now ..but it is still bloody cold.So I think I am putting my winter wardrobe together nicely  (well I think so ...not mega fashion but hey) something I learned from my Aussie friends is in winter layer, layer, layer. I think sometimes us Brits feel we have to wear one huge jumper that the whole family could live in, but we are dealing with the cold weather a lot better than last year now it only we could get to grips with snow and travel. 

I am living in boots at the moment, I really don't get how people get around in heels! I would break my face on the ice if I even wore a kitten heel ! I have seen girls in stupidly high chunky heels and I want to know their trick, I think I will stick to non deadly footwear as dull as it can be. I rediscovered my DM's and forgot how great they are in winter, plus they remind me of Claire Danes in 'My So Called Life' did you ever watch it? I loved it oh Jared. If you did'nt this is what I'm talking about, she was all grungy and cool I loved her hair too  it goes like this lets me mood wear checked shirts, flick our hair and get together, break up, get together, breakup it was the cool 'Dawson's Creek'.

So I wore eye shadow from my 'Sparkle' Sleek palette yesterday was a purple day,  I may try out the green colour they named 'mistletoe' I need to mix it up a bit because I have been doing the two tone look a lot lately so I need to brainstorm a look tonight. I also need to sort my brows out, I just keep forgetting to sort them. I hope you are all warm and well, I can't stop drinking hot chocolate and we keep buying crusty bread I think it's a comfort thing. I got some babycham as well which I always get for Christmas, I don't really drink any more but the little deer called to me in Tesco. Thank you for all the comments you have been leaving you lot make me laugh and blush, I love it. So what do you love to drink or eat in winter?


  1. you look so good. i look outside and i just layer up to the point of parody. i've started wearing slips under everything, like an old dame. it's rather good though.
    winter food - just now it's musleii and spagetti bolognease..though not at the same time, but it's all i want to eat just now. the idea of anything else turns my stomach. xx

  2. Wow! You look so friggin' fabulous! That coat is awesome!
    Kristina J.

  3. That coat is wonderful. I loved loved loved My So Called Life- so much better than the teen shows they have now

  4. cute outfit! and its probably best that you stick to boots till the snows clear, dont want you breaking an ankle or something due to wearing heels!
    loving that coat! xx

  5. I like your coat and red lipstick, they look sexy together! Great look :-)

  6. ohhhhhh how we adore the coat! looks super duper warm and cozy!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  7. totally adore your eyes! and your red lips are perfect!

  8. My god woman you look stunning!!

    So classy :) The coat is LOVE!!

    Hope youre well dolly ;) xx

  9. Awww, the coat looks beautiful, makes me want to go out and find a coat i can snuggle up in! How i fancy hot chocolate now too :D xxxxx

  10. omgosh that fur is fake?! it's gorgeous! and your eyes look amazing xxx

  11. Hey, thanks very much for the comment on my blog! I also love the owl necklace, it seems to be popular with everyone else who commented! Thank you for your advise on how to wear the skirt btw, I was considering a punky edge to it! Looking forward to reading more of your posts, love your bag btw. :) x

  12. I would choose the non-death shoes as well. Snow has hit where I am hard today. Luckily I am still super sick and stuck in my nice warm bed. I dont think I have a particular drink or food for winter. Maybe apple cider? My dad makes it for us and mixes in candy canes and sometimes cranberry juice its pretty good.

  13. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love your coat!


  14. i love to drink peppermint tea! :)

    hope you are warm in those pictures! :)

    love, polly

  15. amazing coat! and the makeup is amazing

  16. what an amazing outfit. I love how you paired the striped skirt with the red shirt and bag! so lovely! especially the faux fur coat!

  17. Gorgeous awesome faux fur. I love the sleeves. Man I was the biggest fan of that show, and Jared was alwasy the poster I tore out my Smash Hits to put on the wall. Swoooon. haha.

  18. love your winter outfit. very fun, colorful, and elegant all at the same time. i really love the coat you're wearing. the dress underneath is cute too. :)

    haha... it would be scary to wear heels in the snow. i haven't been around snow for the longest time, but i remember how slippery it is.

    i love drinking hot chocolate in the winter as well. :) i like drinking it while reading a book. :D another favorite food of mine at wintertime is soup. i can't stop craving it when it's cold. i especially love chicken noodle soup. oh, and while we're on the topic of food, i remember you mentioned peanut m&m's on the comment you left me last time. i always eat them on my break. i like how they're filling. they're a great way to fuel up in between shifts at work.

    sorry about the long comment. take care and enjoy your day. :)

  19. wow, fabulous coat! And I cannot TELL you how much I long to have appreciated My So Called Life when it was on. I think I was maybe like 5 or something but honestly that's not even an excuse. GRUNGETASTIC! Love your quirky blog dear, defo following :) x

  20. Love it!!! Also the makeup is gorgeous again! I'll seriously have to try this, I bought this pallette on eBay a year ago and I rarely do any makeup with it! :/ I am too in love with the smokey eye and blackness, but now you've really inspired me & I'll try it, it looks fantastic!!! :))
    Very beautiful top and I can't believe you got it for only 50p!!! :D:D

  21. Such a cute and fun look, i LOVE it!

    Stay gorgeous!

  22. no wonder you're living in those boots, they're perfect for this weather!

    ps, i'm having a christmas jumper giveaway (:

  23. I love the whole look! The coat is amazing!

  24. Love these pics, i am missing the snow already xx

  25. You look gorgeous!
    I like the combination of patterns a lot!

    And again, I love your eye make up <3


  26. I used to watch this show sooo frequently! :) I liked it! <3

    Anyhoo, you look great! I love RED! :) If only there was snowed all over California!


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