80's Christmas Smell = Chemical Plastic

It is so cold here in London, I know we are total wimps and I'm sure most of you have to put up with worst.  It's just I dress like a crazy bag lady in this weather, I have to wear about five layers plus leggings to leave the house. So I have had no time to blog read to night as I dyed my hair (black) and had my wonderful friend Kat phoned me, so nice to hear a friends voice when you haven't been able to see them. Thank you so much for all your comments, you lot are so bloody lovely, and I do read them all (So don't ever think I don't notice how fab you lot are).

So Barry (my bloke) got these tacky decorations, as you know our son attacked the tree so it feel a little flat. Trust Barry to put the smile back on my face, they are like the old 80's hanging stuff (they smell of chemical plastic) when I smelt them ..Yes I'm freaky I smell things sometimes I remember being a kid and helping my mum put them up. Who knew that the smell of chemical plastic was one which reminded me of Christmas, true 80's kid ...not joking smell them and that was the smell of Christmas in the 80's MENTAL!

OOTD= Layers + More Layers = Less Moaning
 Necklace: ASDA
Hat: Topman stolen from Barry

 Rings: bird, Primark, stud, Claries
Nail polish: Barry M
Striped jumper: Monsoon
Dress: primark
Cardigan: EBay
Jacket: Vero Moda
Belt: Vintage

Tomorrow I will wrap presents, I love wrapping and giving them. Barry is like a big kid at Christmas and I love getting him something that puts a smile on his face, this year has been hard to get for him as I would have loved to buy spoil him as he has been amazing this year. So I vowed I would cook more .......and I have ! I know as the girl and you can quote me who said 'I burn water' I cooked and he loved it. Barry is a legend in the kitchen and so this was major, even my mum said that it was so yummy. I cooked a fresh paste with cream cheese (instead of goats cheese) and veg, and I made the sweet potatoes recipe that I shared with you off the Channel 4 website in this POST ....

This was taken with my phone.
They were so, so tasty great for when you have had a long day and need something hot and simple plus tasty !

So you can do it, the trick is to stick to a simple recipe and pick something you like, sometimes people try new things when cooking rather than something they eat but with an edge. Anyway I will be trying more so stay tuned, oh and I will be doing some face mask reviews too. So got a lot coming ...................


  1. 5 layers!? Holy mackerel! :)) This outfit looks so well put together! I like it. <3 I wouldn't have guessed that you were wearing 5 layers. lmao.

    80s is a yay! Most definitely! :)

  2. i love your outfit as always and that bird ring is to die for. i always love seeing a new post from you.
    big hugs to you and your little one

  3. I love sweet potato, it's yummy, that looks lovely. You really suit the hat, wrapping is my fave part, when I worked at the perfume shop they taught me how to wrap proper and without cellotape showing, best trick ever xx

  4. omg! the potatoes look so yummy!!!

  5. Everything about this outfit is so badass! I love your jacket and heels =)

  6. such a chic look! loving all your accessorizing especially those rings and leopard print belt!

  7. Omg those sweet potatoes look delish!! Hungry now lol i love your rings esp the bird one, i recently went into primark and was shocked at how good their jewelery was! Its always good to rediscover some gems! You look gorgeous, loving your hair!

  8. this is a really nice outfit, you've layered to the max and it looks great! those sweet potatoes look pretty damn good too, nom nom nom.

  9. The ring from Primark is so cute! ^^ I need to go to Primark, I NEED! hahaha


  10. cute cute cute! love the rings

  11. Thank you for the lovely comment on my last post gal ♥ being an art director is fun, but TV land is super stressful at times. I wouldnt change it for the world though, Ive worked my butt off to get where I am today! Your kind words really mean a lot to me :)

    I COMPLETELY know what you mean when you say that chemical plastic smell... I caught a wiff of it when I leant down to turn our christmas tree lights on last night and it was so nostalgic. took me back to spending christmas at my grans house with my mum and all the family, and that 80's christmas smell was so distinctive in her house! haha niiiice :) gotta love it though! :p

    You look great girlie, I am a fan of layers! :) especially in this god awful weather xx

  12. The cardigan's cute! Like you, I am almost constantly rocking bag lady chic right now - it's too cold not to!

  13. Oh my god I want to eat that now! I adore sweet potato and hate goats cheese so your interpretation is perfection!!

    Also loving your outfit and at least you don't look like you're wearing 5 layers! I think you look awesome :)

  14. OK now the main comment :D (I always come here every few days and then I go through the posts sloooowly :D)
    First, thank you so much for you comment and that is a GREAT idea, the pin up rockabilly look! :)) I'm starting to think that pin up style is really one of those that suit me the most! I always dress depending on the mood though, as everyone I guess... :))
    Here in our country is soooo cold too!! I don't even know what to wear anymore. 100 layers + a coat... :D Wow, you're wrapping already, I didn't buy the gifts yet, I think next week. :))
    Love your layering, love this whole outfit and the vintage belt is so beautiful!
    By the way, I just really wanted to tell you that I love your blog so much, it's so different and fresh and very *colorful*!! I love the fact that you have your own style and even when you use the "it" pieces, you make them look so unique. I do love high fashion and stuff, I do like and admire girls who pull off all the trends in their outfits, but sometimes I find it kinda bleak and I need to see people with more than that, with some color and "out of limit" ideas! And that's what I love about you!
    Kisses!! Nina

  15. amazing rings! and your dress is so cute ♥

  16. i can relate with the five layers of clothing. at least there's snow where you live, so you have an excuse to do so. we don't get snow here, but i still wear five layers anyway. mainly for sleep though because nights get especially cold.

    you do an awesome job of layering though. i really love the pieces you put together on your outfit. the rings and necklace are really cool too. :)

    i'm a weirdo when it comes to smells. i actually like the smell of 80s chemical plastic. it sure does bring back memories. it reminds me of getting all excited over school supplies too. that's how they smelled like back in the 80s. how i miss that decade.

    take care and enjoy your day. :)

  17. Your birdy ring is so sweet :D Hahahha, just reading the title of this post i got what you were talking about, it is the ultimate christmas smell! As soon as tinsel is available in shops i have to go round sniffing it all, i adore it...strange i know ;)
    Fancy some sweet potatoes now too!

  18. i love your belt and rings! the food looks goood too xx

  19. ou, UR blog is amazing ! :P
    i like it !
    more more !!

    if U want follow me and write comment ;**


  20. Just to say I love your blog! I have posted a little award for you to pass on if you wish :) Happy Christmas!



  21. Hello Lovely, your blog is great. I like him. i follow you. I love your pictures and texts. just great!!

    Would be nice if you toss a small view of my block. I hope he likes you! Follow me!

    Wish you a great Sunday


  22. You look fantastic as usual...very chic for someone in so many layers... and your humour makes my day!

    Ellie Rose


    Merry Christmas

  23. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my last post. I'm happy to hear you enjoy my "man candy" posts!! Your layers are cute!! You always dress so adorable, and I always love your choice of jewelry. Keep experimenting with the cooking and I can't wait to hear how it goes!! Makes me wanna try my hand at some recipes now.. Have a great week and MERRY CHRISTMAS, DARLING!!! <3

  24. Hi!! Im back from my blogging break. Happy to see your post are still as inciting as ever :) You have awesome statement rings!!



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