What I've Been Wearing

Rainbow Coat: Gift from boyfriend
MTV t-shirt: Mens Primark
Jeans: Primark
Trainers: Converse via JD sports* 

As life has been up in the air, and I've not been able to take any real photos of my outfits. I thought that while I could discard my quick 'what I wore' photos, actual why should I. Sometimes the blogging world sets the bar so high, which is great but also it can build anxiety (for me personal) and makes us feel like if it's not magazine worthy why even bother. But sometimes in life you have to throw the rules out the window, and go with the flow. While I've been struggling with my BDD, I had a great week and felt pretty cute which never happens. It's been a whole lot of rainbows - Nothing new there. I guess for me it's about feeling better about getting up and going out. 

Cow shrug: Asos
Green top: Charity shop
Vintage jacket: Ebay
Zebra print skirt: Ebay
Knee high boots: Ego*

I haven't worn print in ages, so of course I decided I would wear all my prints at once I love this outfit it's a bit sassy but sometimes you need to fly your sassy flag high. I've found some great pieces on eBay, but as i'm trying to clear my wardrobe I'm trying to be good and wear more of what I have. These knee high boots are great for colder days, as they keep you me super warm. As they are black, I can literal throw them on with everything. This outfit was my fave of the week, I think I was channeling my inner Amber from Clueless as she was always a little more tacky than Cher.

Rainbow Jacket & Trainers : As before
Jeans: Topshop (old)
D for Diva tee: Primark (even older)

My rainbow jacket has been a go too, it's warm and bright. Plus being a short girl I don't feel as lost in it like I do with some of my other faux fur jackets and coats. Graphic tees are everywhere, and as I cleaned out a bunch of old ones I treated myself to this cool retro MTV one. It reminds me of Bobs burgers, and I had to have it I think the mens section in Primark is my new go to for a cool graphic tee. This Diva one I've had for years and years, and it's still going strong. 

Accessories I'm Loving

I can't get enough of big funky earrings I've always like a statement, and this is such a simple way to add a little excited to even the simplest of outfits. I've seen some rainbow ones I really want to add to my collection, and I'm planning on making some. I made a pair of crochet donut ones a while back. I usually buy mine off eBay and sometimes Alixexpress. I really want to buy from more indie designers, as I'd prefer to have more unique pairs. 

I'm also fulling back in love with neck scarves, I have bunch from back in the 00s when was forever worrying about covering up spots. Now I think they are another super simple way of jazzing up an outfit. They are also a nice break from my chokers, as my hair is forever getting caught in the clasp. 

Italy T-shirt: vintage 
Checked trousers: Charity shop
Choker: boohoo*
Trainers: Converse
Yellow off the shoulder top: Monki

Mini Shopping Trip

Barry took the boys out, so I was left with a day to myself I thought about staying in and doing my usual tidying, sewing or crocheting. I decided that actual I needed some time out of the house before I lost the last of my sanity. So I hit up my faves for a look, and promised myself to only buy a couple of things. Monki have such nice bits in at the moment. I completely fall in love with a rainbow stripe tee, and an off the shoulder yellow top. They have some red frilly sleeve sweaters in, that I absolutely loved. As I had limited myself, I was good and put it back. 

Another day I had a press event, so took advantage of my time and went to have a look  in  Oxford street Topshop concessions, they have such a great range of indie designers such as The Ragged Priest. Again I wanted to buy half the rails, but decide to try things on and have a think. If I'm still thinking about them next month, than I'll probably cave and get them. I also spotted a sequin hooded cape, that I'm pretty sure everyone will be fighting over for festival season. They have such cute dresses, I absolute love this folk dress it's so beautiful and dare I say it but grown up. Usually I tend to like more kooky pieces but this is so dreamy. 

I had a really good week, and sometimes it's nice to go for a look around the shops I feel a lot more inspired and excited about pieces I around have in my wardrobe. Also excited for a couple of pieces I will probably crack and buy. This week it's been pouring with rain in London, so I've just been focusing on not getting ill. I swear everyone has a cough or cold at the moment, and I doubt anyone in the U.K has been dressing for Spring. I have my fingers crossed for some brighter weather, so i can wear some cuter outfits. 

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