My Cruelty-Free Skincare | Superdrug Vitamin E range

As someone who likes her beauty products, finding a good skincare range is hard finding a great skincare range is almost impossible. As a 34 year old women with dry and sensitive skin, and a hatred of 'oily' feeling products it's been an on going search. I wanted a face wash, cream and scrub that would leave my skin feeling fresh without upsetting it. I also was looking for something budget friendly. People seem to assume that all us bloggers, spend our days rolling in cash. So to smash the dream, but would rolling around in my bills count. While I would love to spend all my money on myself, as a mum of two this doesn't happen. So is it possible to get a fab skincare range, that's won't cost the earth and still be great. 

Of course it is, it may take a while to find the one, but try and test as much as you can. I've been using this range for a while now and I swear by it. Of course it hasn't transformed me into someone with perfect skin. But it has improved my skin for sure, I use the vitamin E cream every night and while it's rich it doesn't leave that awful film on my skin. I need cream that leaves my skin soft, but at the same time I what it to absorb into my skin. If a cream is just sitting on top, it's not doing anything. I'm also pleased that unlike most creams, this doesn't bring me out in spots. While I do suffer with acne, it hasn't upset it and it's nice to not have to dry my skin out. 

I was in Superdrug and thought well if I'm going to try the cream, I may as well see if the face wash and scrub were any good. The scrub uses oatmeal and walnut shell, and I like that while this is a deep stub it's a gentle scrub compared to ones I've used in the pass. I only use it once a week. This also has vitamin E, so leaves my skin soft and refreshed. I use the face wash every day, it's not as good as the cream and scrub but it removes most of my makeup. It does have sulphate in so does tend to leave my skin a little tighter, I will be honest and say I will be replacing it once I've used this one up. But I love the scrub and the cream is my absolute favourite, it also doesn't have a scent which I love. as I've found while some creams have worked well, they have trigged my headaches. I also love that it cost under £5! Since purchasing these I picked up the eye cream too, which has been great for sorting my eye bags. 

I'm trying more and more to make sure I buy cruelty-free where I can. This range is recommend for normal to dry skin, I would recommend the stub and cream and they have lasted me ages. Have you used this range, what do you think about it? 

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