What Does Wellness Mean In 2017 | The Start Of My Journey

After a very long day of school runs, picking up smelly socks and just running around like a loon spending time with my boys and my other half. I decided that I was going to settle the boys into bed, then make a tea and find something to watch on You Tube - A nice break from bingeing another box set to switch my brain off.  Off from liking everything on Instagram, worrying about bills, planing trips out for half term and the world in general. Feeling tried from another week of lack of sleep, and feeling 'meh' I wasn't in the mood to watch any DIY or fashion videos. I wanted something I could take from, something I could do to improve my lack of energy and generally to just feel less shit. 

What I found really surprised me, on what is an obvious channel for fashion I didn't think I would get much out of it. Than seeing the fab  Camille Rowe I thought why not. So than I found myself clicking the Vogue channel on a video called " What an earth is wellness?" I was late to these videos, so thankfully there was one with all the episodes together. In the series Camille navigates through different types of elements to achieve wellness. Talking to a man who was one of the first to push the movement, a hippy lifestyle filled with love, hugs and community. Exploring opening the mind and being open about feelings, today seems the norm but back than was a massive deal miles apart from the get on with it approach. It's very well put together, your drawn in more and more she explores fitness to mindfulness and meditation. I love how open she is, and honest and I would recommend to give it a watch. 

From this my little brain started relaxing a little more, but than my analytical side also had a lot more questions and I felt like I needed more. So I decided that rather than just exploring by myself, I wanted to talk more about it. Find out your views and look into what books and other information there is about wellness. See what's useful and see what is just a waste of time. Is wellness about what you have and buy, or is it more to do with who you surround yourself with. Is it just a case of eating well, and putting away the gadgets or is there a deeper level too it. 

So I went to the library and took out a bunch of books. I went straight to the health section and found that most books were about diets, but even I think there's more to health and wellness than that. I took my time to go through each, as not everything would apply to this. I was pleased to see so many support books, and books for mental health. I think no matter who you are everyone whats to feel well, mind and body. But in modern life there are so many pressures, and we seem to be detaching more and more to deal with it all. 

I don't think there's one answer on this, and I want to gather a range of perspectives. I'll be reading from the ones I felt applied most and take from them key elements to put together a modern guide to wellness - In other words a guide that is achievable, and one that doesn't see you part with a bunch of money while throwing away your phone and do some stupid diet. I'll review the latest books and trends that every one has been hyping  and talking about, at the end pick out the parts that really will help myself and you. So to begin this journey I want to know what does wellness means to you? 

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  1. Wellness for me is all about balance, I'm not the best at it but I'm slowly getting better!

    Maria xxx


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