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I've been thinking a lot about new things I want on the blog, and how they could be both bright, colourful, possibly inspiring but mostly useful. I picked up a fashion magazine the other day and put it straight back down, the styling was beautiful and the cover grabbed me but what was inside wasn't fun or even useful. I loved a good old fashioned ' ways to style' it doesn't mean I'll follow it to the letter, but it's inspiring to see how I could work pieces I around have without spending a fortune on a whole new look. I've mainly been on Instagram as it's the only place apart from Pinterest were I feel I'm getting something fresh. I want this series to be more, about what you have and getting the most wear out of it. So I thought I would start with a classic, that I've been wearing all winter. While polo necks are not for everyone, I think given a chance they can be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. 

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So this is the first in a series of what I hope will take you to your wardrobe and not straight to the shops. I have built up a collection of polo necks over time, some costing me as little as a £1 from charity shops to £15 on the high street. Others around £30 for 'trendy or vintage finds on Ebay and Depop. But I think most people have at least one polo neck floating around, but are you getting the most from it. I defiantly think they are one of thee best pieces to have ain a winter wardrobe. With the polo neck it's about size, fitted or super sized, pattern or colour and layering them like your life depends on it. Or belt that bad boy, for a retro vibe. 

Here are my favourite gals (go follow them all!)  styling their polo necks, and why you shouldn't under estimate it's power. Got a bunch of summer dresses you feel you can't wear, than layer them it really is as simple as that. Play with colour and print, and get more wear from your summer pieces without feeling the cold. Minimalist or maximialist the choice is yours, blocking colours works for both and is great for a fashion forward feel. If your after a classic vintage look,  add a beret or baker boy hat and it will take your polo neck to another level. Most polo necks are fitted, but if you do have a super sized one play with your shape maybe throw it on over wise trousers than fitted. 

I love to layer mine, and as you know I'm a more is more maximalist. The other day I worn my polo neck, layered with my denim flared jumpsuit, than my Chinese blouse and finished the look with my chunky faux fur coat and star earrings. But some days I'll just throw one on with jeans and my trainers, there aren't any rules and I think the more you experiment with texture and layers you will be wearing yours to death. You can find them everywhere high street online and charity shops, and as I said most of mine are thrifted so they don't have to cost the earth. Maybe you one just waiting to be worn, I hope gives you a little inspiration to grab it out the wardrobe or to add one or two to your winter stables. 

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