Everyone's A DJ

Do you really need to be good at what you do to be successful at it? It's not that everyone is a DJ by the way, in the days of social media people have more slashes than a 90s model slash actor slash artist slash you get the drift. So can you really claim, to be something you have no actual understanding of and make it. As much as I do believe in a little 'fake it till you make it', at the same time there really are things you just can't fake. 

It's the assumption that styling, DJing, acting, modelling, presenting don't take skill, that anyone can just do it. Which undermines these industries,  I'm not saying that everyone must live or dead by the book but starting at the bottom teaches you where people are coming from when your at the top. It makes you a little less scare to fail, plus you can go into other work with a solid profile of who you are and what you can do. Faking may help in the beginning, but after a while there is only so long you can spin those skills before people see that actual your clueless.  

Of course some people have faked it and made it, which in another way must really annoy anyone that has study their butt off to get a job or worked from the bottom up. I guess it's great that people are just going for it, but in the long run is it worth it. At the same time what if your not just good but great at what you are doing, I guess faking it at the start doesn't mean you can't pick up skills along the way and develop and really grow. I think for me it would be the uncertainty, I couldn't just throw myself into something that I really knew nothing about. I hate feeling like a fool about things, and so I've always soaked myself into what I do. Just because you enjoy certain things, doesn't mean you should have to make a career from them. If you want to that's wonderful, but if your half hearted it can kill your passion. 

In the long run, it's far better to take sometime get your head down and try and learn as much as possible. Experience will start you in the right direction, so if you see the chance  in your chosen field take as much as you can and run with it. A lot of people have gotten their full time jobs by starting out as an interns, it's not to be sniffed at. Networking is always one of the best things you can do, people are more likely to remember someone who worked hard without complaint, than someone doing next to nothing pretending to know what they are talking about. Chat to people who are doing what you want to get into, where did they start out? It's great to get advice to help you start your journey, don't be afraid not to know everything at the start. Being open and honest will help you round your skills, and help you focus on your weak points. Than when it comes to landing that dream job, it won't be so scary. People may also put your name forward, because you made such a great impression on them this can also go the same way if you were rude and self entitled. Manners cost nothing. 

Don't let anyone kill your dream to want to do something, but at the same time be realistic about what will be expected.  Real success is earned and it doesn't always mean you will be number one, success is knowing that you did it for yourself without blagging it. It's fine to get help along the way, but doing it for yourself makes it all the more rewarding when you achieve your goals because it's all your work. Success can also mean sacrifice, even the dream jobs will take your time but if your doing a job you love it's worth it. I see some amazing bloggers who have really worked hard, and did everything off their own backs they earned those slashes and rightly so. Faking it is easy, and may seem like a fast track way into becoming who you want to be but in the end the only person your fooling is yourself. 

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