How I Wear: A Sequin Dress (when it's freezing)

Happy New Year and all that jazz, this was my NYE outfit during the day but as me and my family and friends were ill we ended up having a pyjama party instead of slamming up. But with my birthday this Thursday coming, I know for a fact I'll be back in sequins flu or not. The only down side to wanting to wear pretty dresses in London at the moment, is freezing your bum off. I'm 33 and long gone are the days were I would happily say 'I'm fine' a billion times while rubbing my hands together and trying to generate any kind of heat for the sake of 'looking good'. Looking like a little shaking dog that needs a poo is not the one.

Bomber Jacket:  Jonathan Saunders for Topshop
Rainbow Bag: Skinnydip
Strappy Pink Shoes: ASOS

If you honestly don't get cold wearing next to nothing, that's awesome. My body however has rejected playing along now, and there's nothing good about seeing someone look like all life has drained from them. So how to layer without ruining your whole vibe. This is a play it safe with layering, but honestly I have seen some amazing ways to layer up your winter party wear. Chunky jumper, plus netting dress and jeans and heels are a wonderful combination of 'how is that even working'. While I'm still playing with different combinations, a simple sleeveless polo neck and tights combo works perfectly. Not ground breaking, but when your colour blocking in pink and wearing a beautiful  sequin dress with a rainbow bag you don't really have too. I had never worn this bomber jacket until now (shameful I know), as it was always been a in-between weather jacket. It's so beautiful and after years I'm happy it's finally getting an outing I'm planning more for it. 

I absolutely adore this Next sequin dress, and I'm looking forward to it getting warmer, so I can break free of tights. But I'm going to be a little more risky for 2017, pin a whole bunch of outfits and try to apply it to my wardrobe. As honestly when I look at some of the beautiful things I have I what to wear them more. I'm being really good still and still clearing my bedroom as I'm looking forward to having a vanity and a desk. I'm also sticking to my buying less plan, and so far it's been great thanks to getting some nice bits at Christmas. My plans are not really going to be different this year, I think I'm going to just try to finish the plans I started in 2016. Mine is to have less, love more and have more fun. Have you made any plans for this year? 


  1. Oooh, I love the colours in this look - I love a sequin dress and totally agree with the whole cold thing! My plan this year is to carry on how I finished last year! I was happy and that's all that matters!xx

    Lucy x |

  2. I really love your pinky outfit and your rainbow bag ! Nice photos!

  3. You look amazing here and I LOVE that dress! I'm someone who is always warm (I have had my fan on for weeks!) so I always find it strange that other people get cold haha

    Maria xxx


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