Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters At Waterloo Station

As a child of the 80s every birthday, christening, or wedding party would always feature the Ghostbusters song 'Who you gonna call?' -You know you currently have it playing in your head now. The film was a cult classic in it's own time it was that cool, everyone I knew loved it. So hearing about a new Ghostbusters film,  I was happy that my two boys would experience a fresh new take for their generation as well as the ordinary ones. 

A friend of mine had been passing through Waterloo station, and messaged me straight away that it was amazing and how much my boys would love it. Than life happened and I completely forgot about it, another friend posted photos on her Facebook thankfully.  So knowing my fish brain would let me down again, I decided to take the boys that weekend so we didn't miss out. 

It was awesome, my inner kid had to take a deep breath because you know screaming like a fan girl in a busy station is not the best idea. Stay Puft as you probably know is from the ordinary Ghostbusters. The boys loved that he was breaking through the floor, and like us everyone was excited to get a photo. There were a lot of people so trying to get in his hand, was near impossible so we were just happy to get a couple of pictures in front of him.

We were also lucky enough to caught the Forbidden Planet pop up shop, my sons were happy to spend their pocket money on some toys. As they had been saving up for something really special. They ended up getting a Kevin Pop and a Mayhem figure, both characters from the new film. They have informed me, that if they are good they want more Pops for Christmas. I really want the Stay Puft vinyl Pop figure, as he is a little bigger than the regular ones and just super cute. 

Than it was time for a quick pose under the slime that was dripping from the station cameras, before leaving. It's a great PR stunt, and I love the amount of detail that has gone into it. As we came out of the station, the boys met a real Ghostbuster by the Ecto-1 car! Okay not gonna lie I did actual utterly fan girl, the car was beyond cool and it took every fibre of my being not to try and get in. It was the perfect morning, before we headed off to Southbank for some curry from the market and bracelet making at Royal Festival Hall. 

Now I'm even more excited to see the movie with the boys. Of course as you may know by now, the main cast is all female this time round. Sadly a lot of 'fans' are really upset about the remake, but of course have zero problem with the fact that there's female leads. Okay, but you funny how you didn't kick up a storm at any of the hundreds of remakes. Anyway a lot of other fans, like myself are really pumped to see the new movie. I mean it could be great, it could be pants. Either way the old and new are always going to be different, that's the point so I like that the main casting has been flipped. I'm more excited that my boys want to see it, they honestly don't care that the new Ghostbusters are female. It's sad that grown people have such a issues with it. Are you going to see the new Ghostbuster? 

I'm not sure when it's on till, the Forbidden Planet pop up has ended but follow the #GhostbustersWaterloo hashtag. 


  1. Ah I was in London for work the other week but only went to Paddington & Victoria... gutted I missed this!

    Jaynie Shannon * / Morphe & Zoeva Giveaway Running


  2. This is amazing!!!
    I love the extra slime details on the cameras too, very cool :D



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