If Mermaids Wore Jackets

I took some time out from my blog, as life was getting a bit hectic and I really needed to just spend time with my sons. Lately it felt like I was drowning in a to do list, and I felt like my mind was somewhere else all the time.  Sometimes it's easy to believe you can juggle everything as a mum, but every now it does become a struggle. You can end up going through the motions, and not actual enjoying your time.

So we have been crafting and enjoying some fun days out. I've been wearing a lot of the same things, just again keeping my mind focused on my time with them rather than worrying. This Aimee sequin bomber jacket from Boohoo has been great, it's been dressing up even my most casual of outfits it's part of their boutique range. It's such a mermaid jacket, I love how it changes from blue to green as I move. 

Summer vest top: Zara
Star Jeans: Boohoo*
Heart Bag: Primark old
Glasses: Joules*
D.I.Y Shoes: Next, hearts added by me. 

I'm already starting thinking about putting all my knits back into my wardrobe, I'm not really a summer girl. I've been wearing my old favourites Next platforms, and Primark heart bag. I hope now I'm a little more relaxed, my natural flow will return. As I have a bunch of fun things to wear, which have actual been mainly autumn wear. I took the kids to see the ghostbusters at Waterloo station, and we also went to southbank to play in the sandpit there. We did part of the BFG jar hunt that's currently in London, and the boys have been to friends parties so it's been really fun. I'm trying not to wish away summer, but I think I like all the comforts in the colder months. Which is your favourite season? 


  1. You are so stunning and I LOVE that jacket!

    Maria xxx

  2. Ngl, I'm s summer girl me! However summer has been a disappointment this year.

    I love that bomber jacket on you, total mermaid vibes. You look lush as per.



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