How I Wear: Striped Vest & Jeans

This week London had it's first real taste of summer, instead of grabbing a rainbow sweater I actual had to hunt done all my vest tops. As frankly I had given up completely on summer happening, I'm sure now I've dragged it all out it will rain tomorrow. I got rid of most of my vest tops as most were too over sized, and just ill fitting. So I was determined to purchase some cute vest tops, that I felt confident in. I have a hollow chest, so  low cut tops can often look odd on me as I don't really have 'cleavage' it doesn't bother me. But it means that it can sit oddly and yeah I'm over that. 

Stripe Top: New Look
Star Jeans: Boohoo*
Pineapple Bag & Pink shoes: Primark 
Denim Chocker: D.I.Y 

I found a bunch that sit well and I feel good in, I love this striped one and I got another lime one also from New Look which my boyfriend treated me too. I'm not fully ready to bare my legs yet, so I'm still living in my Boohoo star jeans. My denim love continues and so I think when I wear this again, I'll probably team it with a denim skirt. I'm looking forward to jazzing up more of my denim, and finally wearing my denim patch jeans. I've not really been up to much, as me and my boys have been run down. I've been crocheting my heart out, but now the suns out I'm looking forward to enjoying some nice days out and soaking it up. 

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  1. You always look so bright and cheerful!

    Maria xxx


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