How I Wear: Blue Stripes

I don't usually tend to follow trends, but one I've loved this year is blue stripes. I think t's such a classic, and there's so much choice of styles to choose from. Of course when it's hot, than the off the shoulder is the perfect way to wear the print. I first recalled seeing  the blue stripe print in a classic toothpaste advert. The cartoon featured a family brushing their tooth together, the dad had red stripe pyjama and the boy had blue stripe pyjama to match the stripe toothpaste *goals right there. Blue stripes were of course used before, for vile reasons as a 'uniform' for people at camps during the second world war. It would be foolish to ignore that fact, I think this is why fashion history is so important for brands and designers to know.  

Pussybow Blouse: Charity shop
Jeans: ASOS
Sliver Bag: Next*
Sliver Brogues: New Look
Denim Choker: D.I.Y 

The humble blue stripe has evolved, designers have used it in a way that it's been given new life. It's been used in countless trends over the years, a classic style. I found this vintage blouse in the charity shop, and loved the 80s pussybow. These were usually worn with pencil skirts, so swapping one of those for ripped jeans tough it up. I've been taking a break from my necklaces also, to wear a fabric choker also a mini trend. 

This one is just a piece of denim cut off the bottom of my jeans, that I sewed together and just tied. I think I will make some in pattern fabrics as they really are just a stripe of fabric, and I love how they look. My sandals are still in my wardrobe as it's been raining, I've been mainly wearing trainers. As I was bored to death of seeing them, I mixed it with my glitter brogues. Do you like the blue stripe trend? 

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