D.I.Y Day: Patch Denim Jeans

The fun thing about patching up clothing is that you can do it over time, I tend to build my patch collection up than use them. Or you can buy a pack of patches and just go for it, it's simple but a really effective way of jazzing up your clothing. Denim is a key trend this season, so what better way to add a bit of fun and life back into some plain threads. It's really easy, and you don't have to be a master of sewing to achieve the look. As this has been massive and everyone is getting back into pins and patches  you can pick them up easily on the high street. There's a bunch of new indie brands making them if you prefer something more limited, Instagram is flowing with inspiration so have a look. 

Jeans: Boohoo*
Patches: EBay, H&M Kids, Lounge Fly

I've built up a nice stash of patches, but honestly a handful will do. When your buying patches try to get ones with an adhesive backing. It's also worth having glue, just in case it doesn't stick as well as it should. Make sure you try on your jeans, see where the fabric creases as these will be areas you want to avoid. Make sure your jeans are clean and dry, than you can begin arranging your patches.

It may take you a while to get it looking the way you want it. I moved my patches around a few times, before deciding where they should go. Note: You don't have to use all your patches, but if you want a heavy patch look than go for it. Once your happy, carefully heat your iron on the highest setting, grab a tea towel/towel and lay it over the patches being careful not to move them out of position. Now you can iron over the top, without burning the patch front but making sure the adhesive bonds with the denim. I usually do mine individual to make sure they are exactly where I want them.  

If you have older patches that are not sticking properly, or just want to secure your patches more. Place some card inside the jeans starting from top to bottom, place glue onto the back of the patch avoiding the edge and push down. Putting too much glue on, will end up looking messy, as it will pour out of the sides. The cardboard stops your jeans sticking together, and if any card sticks it will easily wash off in the wash. If your patches are still loose, and your not happy you can add a couple of stitches in them it may take a little longer but at least you know they won't drop off. 

And that's it, simple but oh so cute. You could also patch a denim jacket, or even a plain T-shirt. Anyway I hope this inspires you, and if you try it hashtag #Lawdiyday so I can check yours out.

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