Discover London: Ragyard

I really want to start sharing more cool places in London with you, so I thought I would start with a shop I stumbled across a few weeks ago. Ragyard is everything I love in a shop, this beautiful shop is filled with amazing trinkets and clothing that you could only achieve by traveling the world. As I'm off to BST festival in Hyde Park and still not decided what to wear, I thought it would be great to have a look and get some inspiration. 

Each nock holds something new to discover, my heart skips a beat when I spot their sequin kimono rail and as my eye moves around the shop I decided I just need everything. They currently have two store and while they are not currently online, they will be soon. I was in East London for the Tatty Devine event, but had to go into Ragyard as soon as I saw an embroidered jean jacket with cute mushrooms on it. 

I love that in a hipster based area, Ragyard is not trying to downplay itself by playing into what they dub 'cool'. It doesn't try to hard to appeal to a certain group and it's customers have very different takes on style. At the same time designs are bold, and details pour out everywhere. The homeware has me, deciding weather I really need to eat for the month. As I want need a smiley keychain, three candles and a pair of cats plus the jean jacket and sequin kimono. 

If you are in East London than go have a look, this is one of many cool shops there and one that you won't want to leave. I'm going to head back next month, so maybe I'll do a post on what I buy and other cool shops I stumble across. 

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  1. I am in love with the pictures you took hun!
    Need to visit this place myself, looks unreal!
    Love, Kinga x


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