How I Wear: A Trophy Jacket

Firstly do excuse my resting bitch face, and secondly my face doesn't matter as I found thee cutest vintage jacket. You may remember when I posted about shopping at Rokit vintage, if not then have a read as they have vintage pouring out of the shop and there's such a great mix of decades and even a rework collection. I'd been looking for a trophy jacket for a while, and spotted a couple so scooped them up and took them to the fitting room. I hate trying on things on the shop floor, as I tend to want to throw all my stuff down and really see how a garment fits. You do the tests, like the jeans bend I tend to  do the 'can I get my arms up, without feeling like the incredible hulk' this one fit like a glove.  I took it as a sign from the fashion gods, that it needed to come home with me. 

Vintage T-shirt: EBay
Liquid Sarcasm Bag: Skinny dip
Leggings: Primark*
Trainers: Converse

As I'm back doing the school run, this is a my more casual way of wearing it. This Skinny Dip bag is small, but I just love it and who doesn't like a little glitter in an outfit. I got this amazing vintage top from EBay and the brand is actual called Laura! So clearly again it was meant for me. - Going to just over look the fact anyone has this name. The print is so cute with little houses and fields on it and I love it against the check, I'm all about clashing prints this season. I'm clearly out a lot of my vintage things that don't really fit me anymore, so I'm trying to build a new little stash. As high street chains lately have left me a little uninspired.  

I also wore my beautiful seahorse necklace, it's so pretty I'm building up a pretty amazing collection of acrylic jewellery. I absolutely love it. This one is a come back necklace  from Sugar and Vice, I love seahorses probably because the males carry the babies. But this necklace is so pretty, it's kinda holographic so will go with all my crazy colours.  While it's still a little chilly in London, at least I can get into wearing necklaces again. I tend not to wear them in winter as I'm such a scarf and snood gal, I really feel the cold. I'm looking forward to blitzing my bedroom and really getting everything organised, as I buy something new and it just gets lost. I've been clearing out heaps, and trying to upcycle where I can and do my weekly charity shop drop. - Yes I have that much, but I can't hoard everything as it's stopping me from enjoying what I love. 

What will you be clearing out? 


  1. I adore the colours of this jacket and the T-shirt too :D


  2. Really love this jacket and I'm a big fan of Sugar and Vice as well.

  3. Ah you pull off this style so well Lauren, gorgeous outfit as always! You're the queen of colour <3


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